In this blog here we discuss about how sonalika tractors best for farmers. Sonalika Tractor is the third largest tractor everywhere in the world. It is the most demandable tractor selling company in the world since it thinks often about its client’s requirements. The owner of Sonalika tractors is Lakshman Das Mittal who is an Indian financial specialist. Sonalika Tractor Company was the enormous tractor producing plant which has a manufacturing capacity of 3 lakh tractor each year.

Sonalika Tractor Company is the no. 1 tractor company in 4 nations i.e.. Nepal, Bangladesh, Algeria, Myanmar, and India Sonalika tractor Company is the third biggest company. They have 51 Skill Development Centers everywhere in the country from which they give farmers preparing chance on the use of tractors and agriculture equipment. Sonalika tractor never turns around and makes an extraordinary spot in the core of the farmers. You may also check sonalika electric tractors.

We have two brand names under the banner of “Unique Auto Products Pvt. Ltd”. The former brand name is known as “Unique” and the latter brand name is known as “Geeken”. Under the brand name of “Unique”, we provide all “Mahindra, Sonalika, John deere, Massey Ferguson & New Holland Tractor spare parts”.

Sonalika Tractor Group of Companies

Below we will refer to the Sonalika tractor group of companies.

  • International Tractors Limited
  • ICML Motors
  • International Autotrac Finance Ltd

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Why Sonalika Tractors are Ideal for the Farmers?

Sonalika Tractor Company is known for its Customer-Centric approach. Sonalika tractors recorded its victory worldwide by a total responsibility towards farmers and making their work simpler. They care about their clients and supply items as per their necessities and financial plan.

Sonalika Tractors are motivated by excitement to attempt novel plans to satisfy the arising needs in cultivating and improving the existences of farmers. Sonalika tractors give automating and excellent items. It gives progressed items at a sensible cost. Sonalika Tractors consistently committed to its qualities.

Sonalika Tractors Cost and HP Reach

Sonalika Tractors makes tractor as per the need of the farmers. Their tractors come with rich details and sensible costs. Sonalika gives strength going from 20 hp to 90 hp at an economical range beginning from Rs. 3.00 lakh to Rs. 12.60 lakh*. All tractors of Sonalika are gainful and give extended periods in fields.

We are eagerly hoping to curate a harmonious business relationship with you.

Sonalika Tractor Series

Sonalika Tractors come in various with various features for various kinds of clients.

  • Tiger Series
  • MM Series
  • Sikander Series
  • DI/RX Series

Famous Sonalika Tractors in India

Sonalika tractors are well known among the farmers since it accompanies exceptional features and remarkable character at a moderate cost. The following are some famous Sonalika Tractors with their determinations.

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1.Sonalika DI 30 Baagban

Sonalika DI 30 Baagban goes under the most famous Sonalika Tractors, it is the most sellable mini tractor of Sonalika in India. Sonnalika Tractor accompanies 2 cylinders, 30 HP, and 1800 engine rated RPM. it likewise has 8 forward + 2 reverse sliding lattice gearboxes and has a 1336 kg of hydraulic lifting limit.

2.Sonalika MM + 45 DI

Sonalika is a brand on which each farmer can trust without any problem. Sonalika Mm + 45 DI tractor is one of them. It comes with 3 cylinders, 47 hp and 1900 engine rated RPM which creates a water-cooled 3067 cc engine limit. Also, it has a hydraulic lifting limit of 1800 kg and 55 litre of fuel tank limit. Sonalika MM + 45 DI is conservative for all the farmers.

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3.Sonalika DI 745 III

Sonalika DI 745 III goes under the brand name of Sonalika which is acclaimed for its items around the world. Sonalika DI 745 III has all the features which each regular farmer needs in their tractor. Sonalika DI 745 III is the biggest selling tractor in India it has 3 cylinders, 50 hp, and 8 forward + 2 reverse steady mesh gearboxes. It creates 1900 engine rated RPM and has a 3067cc amazing water-cooled engine limit. Sonalika DI 745 III on-street cost is appropriate for the farmers.

4.Sonalika 60 Max Tiger

Sonalika recently launched the tiger series its tractor has all the high-level features which improve profitability and effectiveness requiring little to no effort in the fields. Sonalika 60 Max Tiger has tiger-like features. It has 4 cylinders, 60 hp, and has a coolant-cooled engine limit. Sonalika 60 Max Tiger has oil-immersed brakes and has an optional manual/power steering sort. Sonalika 60 Max Tiger cost is an excess of sensible for the clients.

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