So here in this post, we discuss the top 10 Eicher tractors 2021 features, specification, and its price. Eicher tractor company makes the tractors remembering the interest of the farmers and with the reason for Indian farmland. Eicher tractors are available in both 2 wheel drive and 4 wheel drive alternatives. The costs are practical and reasonable for small and marginal farmers.

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Top 10 Eicher tractor models in 2021.

Eicher 380

Eicher tractor 380 is furnished with advanced features. It is useful for the smooth working and working of the tractors. It is known for its unwavering quality, flexibility, higher toughness, engine power, and the least fuel utilization. Eicher 380 is amazing in features. Its style is special and amazing in greatness.

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Eicher 485

Eicher 485 is a 45 HP tractor that comes in fundamental features that draw in the farmers to buy the tractor. It is an incredible tractor that is fixed with three fluid sort air channel features and an amazing hydraulic system that forestalls the overheating of an engine.

A sliding lattice quiet transmission system is given in this tractor. It works for longer hours because of a brilliant fuel tank limit. This tractor value begins from Rs 6.50 Lac that differs from one area to another.

Eicher 333

It is a 36 HP tractor. It is given embellishments like a guard, overhang. With a little financial plan and with greater utility this tractor is effectively available on the lookout. Eicher 333 cost of the tractor begins from Rs 5.10 Lac.

Eicher 557

Eicher 557 is a 50 HP tractor that creates 2200RPM. It is outfitted with an inline fuel siphon. Because of the synchromesh gearbox transmission feature, it diminishes the commotion of an engine.  The size of the greater tire and forward speed helps in stacking and cultivating without any problem. It has 45 litres of fuel tank limit. It is acceptable in hydraulic lifting limit that can convey the executes like MB Furrow, rotavator, cultivator, and so forth

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Eicher 551

Eicher 551 is an adaptable tractor. It is given some particular features that are not difficult to work on. Eicher 551 is acceptable at taking care of implements like cultivator, rotavator, MP Furrow, and so on Eicher 551 is an all-rounder tractor that is known for the best and more prominent profitability.

With its particular component of an unbending front hub, it is not difficult to work in various yields. Eicher 551 is a two-wheel-drive tractor that is helpful for multipurpose tasks. Eicher 551 cost is moderate that costs Rs 6.35 Lac.

Eicher 242

Eicher 242 is known for its ease and efficient reach. Eicher 242 is best for working for business purposes. Concocting a one-year guarantee. Eicher 242 is a 2 wheel drive tractor that is wonderful underway, one year of guarantee, 900 Kg of lifting hydraulic limit, and products being used. Eicher 242 is available at a minimum cost of Rs 3.85 Lac.

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Eicher 480

Eicher 480 is available at a 2 wheel drive choice. It is a 42 HP tractor best for stacking applications like Loader, TMCH, Dozer, and so forth This tractor model is wonderful in features for performing different working exercises. It showed up with extra features like a select seat, bottle holder, tool stash.

It is astounding in plan and amazing in keeping up the speed of forward and turn around at specific timespans. Eicher 480 is furnished with embellishments like a cart hitch, TopLink, two snares, and a drawbar. Eicher 480 value begins from Rs 6.05 Lac.

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Eicher 548

Eicher 548 a 48 HP tractor is best used for crop gathering, sifting, developing, planting, and cultivating purposes, additionally it is generally helpful for furrowing, plowing, and land leveling. Eicher 548 is consistently popular among the farmers for different business and rural tasks. It shows up with specific features like Eicher 548 is prudent and effective.

Eicher 548 is furnished with 2 years of guarantee. Eicher tractor 548 is notable among the farmers because of low fuel utilization, better, and expanded productivity. This tractor is utilized for carries out like furrowing and baling little square parcels.  This is a better entertainer tractor that is reasonable than work on the whole sorts of land and climate conditions. Eicher 548 cost is efficient that begins from Rs 6.10 Lac.

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Eicher 368

Eicher 368 is a dependable tractor. It is most popular for specific features like roughness, cost-powerful elite, great in applications like sifting, developing, crop reaping, planting, cultivating, and land leveling. Eicher 368 is furnished with 2 years of guarantee.

It is exceptional in plan and amazing in the working movement. Eicher 368 is exceptionally amazing and can stack 1200 KG of lifting hydraulic limit. The cost of Eicher 368 beginnings from Rs 4.92 Lac that is moderate for the little farmers too.

Eicher 312

Eicher 312 accompanies every one of the fundamental features and fundamental details with 30 HP that is fundamental for working for both agricultural and business purposes. Its 48 litres of fuel tank limit is useful for working for a more extended term. This tractor is not difficult to work and requires less maintenance. With an efficient cost of Rs 4.35 Lac, it is reasonable for the farmers to use with carries out like rotavator, cultivator, and so on

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Eicher 188

Eicher 188 comes in the classification of a mini tractor. It is an 18 HP tractor that is likewise sought after among the farmers because of the fuel effectiveness of up to 30 Litres of fuel tank limit. It is a dependable tractor.

It is best appropriate for 770 KG of lifting hydraulic limit. Farmers loved this tractor due to its simple working system and appropriate for executions like rotavator.

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