Tractor systems are are various systems which are added to smooth the agricultural operations for delivering high efforts.Tractors are the self propelled power unit used in agriculture, construction, road building etc. in form of bulldozers, scrapers and diggers.

World’s first tractor was invented in 1890 after that gasoline tractors were introduced in 1906. In 1960, tractor manufacturing was started in India. After some year auto tractors were started, many tractor companies came up like Sonalika, Mahindra etc. Tractors are basically used in farm operations such as sowing, harvesting and ploughing and such tractors have low ground clearance, increased engine power and good adhesion.

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Main components of tractors are as follow:

  • Engine
  • Clutch
  • Transmission gear
  • Rear and front wheel
  • Steering machine
  • Hydraulic control and hitch system
  • Brakes
  • Power take off unit
  • Control panel

The advance tractors are built with ROPS(rollover protection system) which is used to protect the operator from crushing .The selection of tractors depends on some factors as: land holding , cropping pattern, soil condition, climatic condition ,repairing facilities, running cost and test reports. The detailed tractor systems are discussed below:

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Engine is the prime component in the tractor systems, they are particularly good at providing high pulling power. As engine do most of the work that’s why driving a tractor looks easy Most of the advance technology tractors are powered by internal combustion engines running on gasoline, kerosene, liquid petroleum gas and diesel fuel. These engines have 12 to 120 horse power. As automobile engines are inappropriate for tractors.

The forerunners of the advance technology tractors, traction engines, used steam engine for power. These engines differ according to the fuel used in it and the exact arrangement for introducing, and the no. of cylinders. Nowadays, single cylinders are used in power tillers. The smoother running and uniform output results using cognate piston drive. As the clutch is used to connect and disconnect the engine from gears and wheels. The engines in tractor systems are usually made environmental friendly. The mini tractors mostly have gasoline engines. The Indian tractor companies who have their own engines are:

  • John Deere tractors
  • Mahindra tractors
  • Sonalika tractors

Lubrication Tractor Systems

Lubrication plays important role in tractor systems as it gives a flow at an accurate temperature with proper pressure to each part of the engine. Lubrication is also done in many other tractor systems as brakes system, hydraulic system and transmission system . Lubrication gives bearing and longevity by reducing friction between rotating parts and stationery parts.

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In tractors low power gears mostly experience durability problem like burning of clutch therefore tractors with high load condition may suffer clutch slip, for solving this problem require effective lubricant, as it will adjust the gap between clutch piston and the separation plate.  Lubrication minimise the corrosion of metal surface and absorb shocks. Frequently lubricating the machinery may cause damage of shafts and seals .

Transmission Tractor Systems

Transmission in other words is a speed reducing mechanism which is equipped with several gears. The transmission system in tractors is also called as a sequence of gear and shafts through which engine power is transmitted to the wheels. It is used to alter the ratio of wheel speed and engine speed and to transmit power through right angle drive. These tractor systems have various devices that cause forward and backward movement of tractor.

The combination of: clutch, transmission gear, differential, final drive, rear axle and rear wheels are responsible for transmission of power. In transmission system the complete path of power from engine to wheel is known as power train. John Deere tractors are equipped with collar shift gearbox.

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Hydraulic Tractor Systems

The hydraulic system is a type of tractor system which has a jack with a hydraulic cylinder and control valve. The draining fluid from the pump to the actuator, from the centre of the switching valve is done by main control system. These tractors are used to raise, hold and partially mount device by hydraulic means. It supplies tractive power through wheels.

Advance technology tractor use power take off (PTO) to provide rotary power to machinery. The basic components of hydraulic systems are: hydraulic pump, control valve, safety valve, hydraulic tank and lifting arms. It draws oil from the reservoir and sends it to the valve with high pressure. It has a special tank for hydraulic oil which separates it room transmission chamber. They are of 3 types of hydraulic control system: position control, draft control and mixed control. Hydraulic systems help in quick setting and easy control of working implements. It helps to perform the task that operator cannot do physically.

Ergonomic Design Of Tractor

The design aspect of the operator seat is described by ergonomic viewpoint. The seat design comprises of static and dynamic characteristics for improving tractor operator comfort. These tractor systems sees geometric parameters and physiological features. It works on comfort and safety of off-road vehicle drivers. This ergonomic design of tractor is important because if the workplace is not designed properly, the tractor-operator would feel wretched and because of this his work performance may become poor. Workplace design measurements of tractor include the measurement of vibration transmitted in tractor and measurement of steering angle.

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