Sonalika Electric Tractors is the recently launched India’s first industrially accessible electric tractor model. This electric tractor is a piece of Sonalika Tiger Series. Fantastic Power and Amazing design stand apart from this tractor model. Sonalika electric tractor is a piece of current innovation that has set a benchmark in the entire tractor industry. There are a few benefits that make the Sonalika Electric Tractor a favoured decision. You may also check the top 10 Sonalika tractor 2021 models.

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Top 10 Features of Sonalika Electric Tractor

Need to know the Determination and Benefits of the Sonalika Electric Tractors? You are presumably anxious to think about this tractor to sum things up.

1. E Trac Engine

Sonalika Tiger Electric has a limit of 21.3 Km max/top capacity. This engine is very force proficient and has High Power Density. High peak force and Quickest get make this engine effective for the tractor.

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2. Advanced Transmission

Even though it is an electric tractor, it has the greatest 24.93 Km/hr of Forwarding Velocity. Sonalika Tiger Electric prepares Oil Immersed Brakes for the high clutch. 540/750 PTO RPM is above and beyond to control the majority of the farm implements.

3. Improved Hydraulics

The tractor loads with further developed 2 Lever PCDC type hydraulic control that can raise heavyweight. Consolidating this, It has a modest 500 Kg of lifting limit.

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4. Top-notch Tires

For less slippage and solid grip on the field, Sonalika Electric Tractor sets with the best nature of tires. These tires are entirely sturdy and inclined to less mileage. The Front Tires are 5-12 inches, and the Rear Tires are 8-18 creeps in measurement.

5. Overall Measurement

Sonalika Tiger Electric goes under the mini tractor class. The tractor has a general load of 820 Kg and has 1420mm of enormous Wheelbase.

6. Eco-Friedly

The diesel-powered tractor or traditional tractor hurts the climate by consuming fuel. Then again, the Sonalika Electric tractor is fueled by electricity, which implies delicate to nature and environmentally friendly.

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7. 1/4th the Running Expense

As Sonalika Tiger Electric is controlled by electricity, the running expense is a path, not exactly traditional tractors. It sets aside a ton of cash that caters to the financial load of Indian farmers.

8. Better Power Effectiveness

The engine takes a minimal amount of power, making it exceptionally productive. The tractor has a 25.5 kWh conservative battery that can keep going long as long as 8 hours on a single charge. This makes the tractor exceptionally gainful on the farm.

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9. Quick Charging Support

Sonalika Electric tractor prepares worked in quick charging innovation.  The battery can be charged through a 15W house socket in under four hours.

10. Maximum velocity of 24.9 Km/hr

Although this is an electric tractor, it can accomplish the greatest speed of 24.9 Km/hr. This Speed is above and beyond, thinking of it as goes under the little tractor classification. It has all the characteristics that a regular tractor has.

Sonalika Electric Tractor Cost in India

This Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is truly sensible in India as it loads with some shocking industry-leading technology. Sonika Tiger Electric goes under the price of Rs. 5.99 lakhs* in India.

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