This wonderful accompanies a successful and productive tractor. On the off chance that you are looking for the best tractor in India, at that point, Sonalika Tractor is best for the cultivating work. It is the most mainstream and reasonable brands for clients. Their tractors are manufactured with innovative game plans that redesign the proficiency of the farm and give shocking execution. So here in this blog, we are demonstrating your top 10 well known Sonalika Tractors in India. We should see. You also have to know when you buy new tractor and how you can do your tractor maintenance.

In India, they produced elite tractors that give adequate work on the field. Sonalika Tractor gives a powerful tractor to a high return on the farms. Its tractors accompany a heap of highlights. Presently get Sonalika Tractor Force Directing in India at a moderate value range. Similarly, you may also study about the sonalika tiger series.

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Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Value Rundown 2021

Here discover Sonalika Tractors Value Rundown Picture with highlights: –

1. Sonalika Tractor DI 730 II:

The tractor cost in India is around Rs. 4.80 lacs and accompanies 2044 cc incredible motor, 30 HP power, and 2 cylinders, making it very amazing for farm motorization including works, for example, shifting, cultivation, planting, haulage, and so forth.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 2
  • HP – 30 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 2044 CC
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Converse
  • Cost – Rs. 4.80 Lac*

2. Sonalika DI 60:

Being quite possibly the most impressive and multi-reason Sonalika tractor models, it has 60 hp power upheld by 4 cylinders and a 3707 cc motor. The most recent force guiding and oil-submerged brakes are incredible for problem-free controlling. The tractor cost is Rs. 5.90 – 6.40 Lac*.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 4
  • Horsepower – 60 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 3707 CC
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Opposite
  • Cost – Rs. 5.90 – 6.40 Lac*

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3. Sonalika WorldTrac 90 RX 2WD/4WD:

Measuring around Rs. 12.30-12.60 Lac* and weighing 2495 kg, this ground-breaking model is pressed with a 4087-cc motor, 65 litres fuel limit, and 2350 mm wheelbase measurements. With a tremendous force of 90 HP, it is ideal for a turn, development, sifting, splashing, planting, and so on

  • No. Of Cylinder – 4
  • Horsepower– 90 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 4087 CC
  • Gear Box – 12 Forward + 12 Opposite
  • Cost – Rs. 12.30 – 12.60 Lac*.

4. Sonalika DI 750 III RX SIKANDER:

This new scope of the Sonalika model has been explicitly intended to oblige your power, speed, and mileage needs. It has over 55 hp class and accompanies a lifting limit of 2,000 and 4 cylinders. Evaluated around Rs. 6.75 – 7.10 Lac*.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 4
  • Horsepower – 55 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 2000
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Converse
  • Cost – Rs. 6.75 – 7.10 Lac*.

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5.Sonalika GT 22 RX:

Sonalika Gardentrac 22 Rx is a hello-tech model costing around Rs. 3.42 lacs and has power controlling and touchy pressure-driven control. It has different robotized highlights and can be utilized for intense farm procedures on rough surfaces. It is particularly utilized for the farming of plantations and line crops.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 3
  • Horsepower – 22 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 979 CC
  • Gear Box – 6 Forward +2 Reverse
  • Cost – Rs. 3.42 Lac*

6. Sonalika DI 30 BAAGBAN:

Valued around Rs. 4.40 – 4.60 Lac*, DI 30 BAAGBAN is a smaller model intended for intercultural tasks. However, it has the high force and reinforcement force that makes it a universally handy machine for haulage, plantation farming, and general use.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 2
  • Horsepower – 30 Hp
  • Motor – 2100
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Cost – Rs. 4.40 – 4.60 Lac*.

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7. Sonalika Sikander Worldtrac 60:

The model is estimated close to about Rs. 7.90-8.45 Lac* according to S onalika official site and is stacked with top cogwheels, 2500 kg lifting limit, high force, and least RPM drop in all farm conditions. Moreover, it has a synchromesh transmission and planetary decrease.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 4
  • Horsepower – 60 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 3707 CC
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Cost – Rs. 7.90 – 8.45 Lac*

8. Sonalika DI 745 III:

Sonalika DI 745 III is the best tractor for compelling and productive work on the field. It accompanies all the basic highlights that give high profitability on the field. After that, Sonalika DI 745 III has a gigantic interest among the farmers, and its cost is reasonable for them.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 3
  • Horsepower – 50 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 3067 CC
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Cost – Rs. 5.45 – 5.75 Lac*

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9. Sonalika 42 DI Sikander:

Sonalika 42 DI Sikander accompanies all the imaginative and progressed highlights that expansion execution on the field. It has all the highlights which are appropriate as per the Indian zones. Sonalika 42 DI Sikander cost is sensible for the farmers.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 3
  • Horsepower – 45 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 1800
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Cost – Rs. 5.40 – 5.70 Lac*

10. Sonalika DI 47 RX:

Sonalika DI 47 RX accompanies tasteful looks that Horsepower in new-age farmers. Therefore, this tractor is the fantasy tractor for some Indians. It offers all the quality highlights that upgrade effectiveness on the field. Sonalika DI 47 RX cost-effectively fits in the financial plan of pretty much every farmer.

  • No. Of Cylinder – 3
  • Horsepower – 50 Hp
  • Engine Capacity – 3067 CC
  • Gear Box – 8 Forward + 2 Reverse
  • Cost – Rs. 5.60 – 5.90 Lac*

Top 10 Sonalika Tractor Value Rundown – Infographic

However, featured Purposes of this Infographic- In this infographic, Above all, we demonstrated the best 10 Sonalika Tractor Models in India. We present here all the quality highlights of top Sonalika Tractors for the farmer’s accommodation. Also, last, we have indicated a reasonable Sonalika Tractor Cost in India. These are about the main 10 Sonalika Tractor Models in India.

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