Welcome to all farmers, so in this blog here we discuss the types of farming in India with their features. Farming is a significant movement for any country. It includes developing yields, vegetables, natural products, flowers. The economy of any nation just relies upon farming. Farming relies on the geological condition, the interest for an item, work, and level of innovation.

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There are three types of Farming: –

There are three types of farming and they are as follow:-

1. Subsistence farming:-

Subsistence farming is depicted as family farming since it addresses the issues of the farmer’s family. It required a low degree of innovation and family work. These Types of farming produce little yield. They don’t use high-yielding varieties of old seeds and manure.

Offices like power and water system are not accessible for them. Most resource farming is done physically.

Resource farming can be arranged into two Types:-

Intensive subsistence farming:-

  • It includes a little plot of land and for developing harvests, basic and easy apparatuses, and more work.
  • The word concentrated methods difficult work, so it implies it requires more work.
  • The environment of this farming with an enormous number of days with daylight and rich soils license developing more than one yield yearly in a similar land.
  • Rice is the main crop of this farming. Different yields incorporate wheat, maize, heartbeats, and oilseeds.
  • This farming is spread in the thickly populated zone of the rainstorm districts. These districts are south, South East, East Asia.

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Primitive Subsistence farming:-

It includes shifting cultivation and normadic herding.

Shifting cultivation:-

  • It is a fast recovery of vegetation.
  • The way toward moving cultivation is that above all else the land is cleared by falling trees and consuming them.
  • At that point, the ash of the trees is mixed in with the land soil.
  • This cultivation farming is developed on crops like maize, sweet potato, potatoes, and cassava.
  • Yields are filled in this land for 2 or 3 years. At that point, the land is left out because the manure of the soil declines.
  • The farmers move to the next land to repeat this cycle. This is likewise called ‘slash and burn agriculture.

Nomadic Herding:

  • This type of farming in India is done in the semi-dry area and dry area. Like central Asia, some parts of India like Rajasthan and Jammu, and Kashmir.
  • The process of this farming is that the herdsmen move from one place to another place for feed and water, along defined routes.
  • The most used animals in this farming are sheep, camel, yak, and goats.
  • The product of this farming is milk, meat, and others to the herdsman and their families.

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2. Commercial Farming:-

In this farming in India, crops are growing for sale in the market. The main purpose behind this farming is to work together.

  • It required huge regions and a significant degree of innovation.
  • It’s finished with the significant expense of tools.

Commercial farming is 3 Types.

Commercial grain farming:-

  • This farming is done for grains.
  • This farming is done in the colder time of year season.
  • In this farming, just a solitary harvest can be developed at one time.
  • This farming spread in North America, Europe, and Asia.
  • These regions are populated with enormous farmers.

Commercial mixed farming in India:-

  • This kind of farming is done for developing food varieties, grains crops.
  • In this farming, at least one yields become together.
  • It has great precipitation and water system.
  • The harvests are focused on cautiously.
  • The harvests are done nearly at a similar span.
  • This farming is generally used in Europe, the eastern USA Argentina, southeast Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

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Commercial plantation farming:-

  • This farming required a large amount of labour and large areas.
  • It used simple crops like tea, coffee, cotton, rubber, banana, and sugarcane.
  • The products are processed in the farm itself of nearby factories.
  • These products do not directly go to the sale. After growing these products, the leaves are roasted in the factories or farms. These are all tree crops.
  • This farming required large transportation because the products of this farming are transported from one area to another area.

3. Home Farming:-

  • Home farming includes terrace farming, planting.
  • It required little space and little tools like a garden rake, pruning shear, and so forth
  • This farming can develop any vegetable, organic products, flowers, and little trees in a similar land.
  • This farming is likewise used as something designed for the home.
  • It required little work.
  • This farming is used as both commercial and Subsistence.

There are two types of farming:-

Container Farming:-

This farming is used when you have limited space in gardens, be it a little yard. This farming can develop practically any vegetable, organic product, and flowers.

Vertical Farming:-

Most vertical farming is used for little plant yields and plant crops. It includes gheeya, Loki, tomato, bean stew, coriander. The creation of plant crops is less conventional, vertical farming is valuable for plant crops.

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Kinds of Farmers in India

Farmers are the anna data in India. They make a solid effort to give food to the world. The farmers arranged by their landholdings. Following, we are showing the Types of farmers in India.

  • Minor Farmers – Farmers who have under 1 hectare of land are called Minimal farmers.
  • Little Farmers – Farmers who have 1 or 2 hectares of land are called little farmers.
  • Semi-medium farmers – Farmers who have 2 to 4 hectares of land are called semi medium farmers.
  • Medium Farmers – Farmers who have 4 to 10 hectares of land are called medium farmers.
  • Huge Farmers – Farmers who have 10 hectares or more land are called Huge farmers.


In India, farming is a significant kind of revenue and there are numerous types of farming. thus, these are for the most part the Types of farming with detailed explanations.

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