Tractor Maintenance is a crucial aspect of the farming sector because a well maintained tractor will be highly efficient during the farming tasks. To ensure that your tractor keeps working efficiently and in a cost-effective manner, utilize “the services of a skilled mechanic, Perfect grade of oil and, most importantly use only genuine spare parts”.

The basic “Tractor Maintenance” tips are:- 

  • After every use, make sure to check the engine oil level.
  • Also, check if the hydraulic system is working properly.
  • Check the oil level.
  • Inspect the tires for any kind of damage or wear.
  • Check the coolant level and ensure it is at an optimum amount.
  • Inspect seat belt’s condition.
  • Walk around the tractor looking for any kind of damage, oil leaks, worn or damaged hoses, etc.
  • Then fix the problems in the required manner.
  • After every fifty hours, make sure to clean the radiator screen if it is equipped, to ensure proper “Tractor Maintenance”
  •  Also, check and adjust the tire pressure on a continuous basis.
  • Check conditions of all switches, lights especially if the tractor hasn’t been used at night recently.
  • Inspect the “Rollover Protection System mount’s condition” and also of the hinge bolts.
  • Fix the problems as required.
  • After every 300 hours, perform “50 and 100 hour checks”.
  • Efficiently change the transmission fluid.
  • Clean the “Hydraulic oil filter” and replace the element if is of a replaceable type
  • Change the front axle fluid in the case of four-wheel-drive only.
  • Make sure to replace the fuel filter, element, and replace the transmission fluid filter if it is equipped.
  • After every 400 hours, do “perform 50, 100 and 200-hour checks” for proper “Tractor Maintenance”.
  • Also, check and adjust the steering gear.
  • Replace the steering gear lubricant if needed.
  • Either after every 1,000 hours or annually, replace the coolant.
  • Check antifreeze performance annually.
  • Wash the tractor thoroughly,
  • Touch-up any scratches
  • And also wax the sheet metal.
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