In this blog here we discuss about the modern method of laser land leveling. Traditional methods of leveling land in the agricultural sector are unwieldy, time-consuming, and costly. These days an ever-increasing number of farmers are going to modern methods to level the land. Laser leveling is an interaction of smoothing the land utilizing tractor operator implements. In this practice utilization of huge HP tractors and soil movers occur.

They are furnished with laser‐guided instrumentation so the soil can be moved either by cutting or filling to make the ideal slope/level. This procedure is notable for more significant levels of exactness in land leveling. This method offers incredible potential for water reserve funds and higher grain yields.

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Advantages of Laser Land Leveling

  • The leveled surface of farmland helps with uniforming soil moisture distribution, bringing about great germination, upgraded input use proficiency, and improved harvest yield.
  • This method helps in the control of water dispersion with the least water misfortunes.
  • This method improves irrigation efficiency and reduces supplement misfortune by better overflow control.
  • Consistency in the arrangement of seedlings to accomplish more significant returns.
  • Land leveling lessens weed, irritation, and illness issues to help in the improvement of better-quality agricultural produce.
  • Help in extra land recovery and improves operational proficiency.
  • Help to reduce the utilization of seeds, composts, chemicals, and fuel in farmland.
  • Simple development of agricultural machinery through the agricultural field.

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Restrictions of Laser Land Leveling

  • The significant expense of the equipment builds the initial investment cost.
  • The skilled operator needed to set laser settings and work the tractors with that
  • This method isn’t appropriate in irregular and small‐sized fields

How Does a Laser Leveler work?

In this method, the laser transmitter sends a laser pillar. It is blocked by the laser receiver mounted on the leveling container. The control panel for that signal laid on the tractor. The Control panel interprets the sign from the receiver and opens or shuts the hydraulic control valve. Free soil particles got by the basin and delivered lower in the field.

4‐wheel tractor

A 4‐WD tractor is needed to drag the leveling bucket. The force of the tractor could have differed from 30‐500 hp relying upon the agricultural field sizes. 4 wheel drive with power move transmission is best for this activity.

Drag bucket

Bucket used for leveling can be either 3‐ point linkage mounted or pulled by the tractor’s drawbar. Pull type systems are not difficult to work as it is simpler to associate the tractor’s hydraulic system to an external hydraulic slam, so pull-type systems are generally ideal for this activity

Laser transmitter

The laser transmitter lay on a stand. It permits the laser pillar to clear over the tractor unhindered. A few tractors can work with one transmitter.

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Laser collector

It identifies the situation of the laser reference plane. At that point, it sends these signs to the control box. The beneficiary lay on a pole joined to the drag bucket.

Control panel

The primary control box acknowledges then cycles signals from the machine‐mounted receiver. It shows the drag bucket’s position comparative with the completed evaluation.

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Hydraulic Control System

This system supplies oil to raise and lower the leveling bucket. The main capacity of the pressure factor relief valve in the system is to restore the excess oil to the tractor supply. If the help valve isn’t adequately enormous or it glitches, harm, all things considered, can be caused to the tractor’s hydraulic pump.

Various Types of Laser Levelers

Manual leveling lasers

This type of set‐up of a laser leveling instrument requires the operator to manually level the unit by utilizing the units’ screws and bubble vials. These lasers can accomplish the most extreme precision of 1 cm at 100m.

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Semi self‐leveling lasers

These types of lasers change themselves consequently inside a reach. They can accomplish an exactness of in any event 1 cm at 100 m. They are outfitted with a round bubble with a bull eye or electronic lights that turn green when you arrive at the self‐leveling range.

Completely self‐leveling lasers

These types of lasers consequently discover and keep up the level inside a predetermined range. They are the most straightforward to utilize. They can accomplish a precision of up to 2.5 mm at 100 m.

Split‐beam lasers

These kinds of lasers radiate concurrent horizontal and vertical bars to build up both level and plumb reference lines.


Modern farming methods like laser levelers consistently help farmers to build profitability and improve the nature of harvest yield. All extraordinary actualized brand kinds of laser switches are accessible with laser leveler cost in India and specialized particulars.

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