Tractors are the most noticeable symbol of agriculture in India. It has an enhanced farming history since the independence of India. Improvement of the tractors has occurred because of the advancement of innovation and the sharp rivalry that the tractor organizations face in India in giving the best quality rural equipment. This article speaks in insight concerning the full tractors history backdrop of tractors in India.

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The First Tractors in India- Tractors history

The first tractors in India were purchased from the battles during the mid-1940s. At the point when India acquired its independence in 1947, a few companies of tractor producing appeared. During the ’60s, ’70s, and ’80s, the principal improvement of the tractor business occurred in India. The five-year plans of the Government of India focused firmly on the improvement of agricultural mechanization. Tractors got one of the types of farming equipment which was given exceptional help by the government.

The Intermediate Time

In tractors history Companies like  Eicher, TAFE, Escorts, M&M appeared during the 60’s decade in India. Till the finish of the 60’s period, roughly, 146,000 units were at that point working in the country. The ’70s to 80s period encountered the enhancement of the tractor businesses. Tractors were imported from the USSR and the neighbors of the eastern alliance. HMT began fabricating tractors in India in the year 1972.

During the 80s and the 90s, the tractor business experienced numerous worldwide tie-ups. State-possessed organizations like Haryana Tractors and Punjab Tractors and different companies appeared.

In 1998, New Holland Tractors came into India. The organization contributed 75 million dollars to give the 70p tractors. Larsen and Toubro went to a joint venture with worldwide pioneer John Deere.

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The Modern Time

After the 1990s the Indian ventures extended much inside the country contacting the southern and eastern piece of India. Presently India has practically 29% of the all-out tractor population in the world.

Gujarat Tractors Limited

Gujarat tractors formed in 1959 is presently called Mahindra Gujarat Tractors Limited Company since it has a place with the Mahindra Group since 2001. The organization presently produces 30-60 hp tractors.

John Deere in India

The John Deere Tractor company delivers a few distinct models of tractors going from 35 hp to 89hp. It is one of the main exporters too. Before a joint venture with the L&T, John Deere presently works exclusively as John Deere India Private Limited. It presently fabricates the 5000 arrangement tractors from Pune and Dewas.

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Mahindra JV and the International Harvester

M&M and the International Harvester are in the tie-up since the year 1963. Mahindra bunch has the privilege of assembling the B-275 model. The company currently sells almost 200,000 tractors yearly. It likewise possesses the Swaraj brand of tractors.

New Holland Agriculture

The New Holland Agriculture has a processing plant in India in the city of Greater Noida. It produces various kinds of tractor models and has a decent worldwide presence through the India operations. In India, the organization began its venture in the year 1996. Till now the countrywide offer of tractors is over 2.5 lakhs.


Tractors History, Sonalika Tractors appeared when the tie-up of ILT occurred with Renault Agriculture. Prior Worldwide Tractors Restricted was making the tractors that were planned by CMERI. As of now, 18HP to 120HP models of tractors are manufactured. 60 to 90HP Renault CERES is additionally manufactured by the company. Yanmar has purchased an enormous stake in Sonalika.

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In the underlying time frame, Escort bunch produced the Ford tractors during 1971. By 1975-80 a sharp lift in the creation occurred as it went up to 33,000 out of 1975 and 75,000 out of 1980.

Ford quit the business in 1992 however the name was spent till 2000. The Ford models are just planned under the Escort brand. The brand names used for the tractors are Powertrac and Farmtrac. The presently fabricated tractors range from 8 to 75 HP.

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The full type of TAFE is Tractors and Farm Equipment Limited (TAFE). In 1961 this company was set up for promoting the tractors of Massey Ferguson in India. TAFE likewise is a piece of the Group and AGCO (American Agriculture Equipment Producer). AGCO possesses a stake of 24% of TAFE. At present, the tractors are sold in India under the brand names of both TAFE and Massey Ferguson. Fare is likewise done under both names.


In 1949, Eicher GoodEarth was set up in India. The company went for a connect-up to Gerb. Eicher. Eicher is the pioneer of a completely coordinated tractor in India. The tractors were accessible for people in general from 1987. Eicher Engines offered the tractors business to TAFE in 2005.

Tractors History, Tractors are indispensable for a country like India where the vast majority rely on agriculture. Tractors have assumed a vital part in the improvement of the country and will keep on appreciating a position of pride as India concretes its place as a force to be reckoned with.

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