In this blog we discuss about the how covid-19 effect on agriculture before and after. Coronavirus has been an unprecedented test for India. The weakness of the Indian agri-food system and supply chains and exhausting labor force have seriously harmed high-value farm ventures, little and minor farmers the same. Food availability in the less-privileged and rural areas of the country the lockdown turned into a problem for overseers and researcher’s agriculture people’s flexibility arrived at a limit despite prolonged unemployment.

The ongoing crisis has quickened the requirement for advanced arrangements, and the need to change and decentralize agricultural food market systems. Governments at the central and state levels have taken a few measures to assist the agricultural area with conquering this disaster. This post targets featuring the Pre-Coronavirus and Post-Coronavirus impact on Indian agriculture farmers dependent on five huge factors. You may also check the top agricultural states in India.

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Procurement and Costs

Pre-Coronavirus Circumstance

Organic products, vegetables, and different other agricultural products were in high demand the Coronavirus hit. The shortfall of numerous market roads and agriculture constant cost data, linkage with value chain actors such processors and exporters, stocking limits, and limitations on the development and offer of agricultural items brought about an enormous reserve, slamming of costs, and expanded farmer losses.

Post-Coronavirus Circumstance

On the  Central government’s suggestion, different state governments have incidentally suspended the Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) Act and let farmers sell their produce anyplace. The evacuation of loading limits and permitting agro-processing enterprises and huge private purchasers to purchase straightforwardly from farmers has made rivalry and in reverse linkages with farms.

A national-level project is in the pipeline to help make a dashboard or application to scatter the day-by-day costs of major agricultural wares. A few states have begun utilizing SMS-based pre-registration systems to manage and direct agricultural produce’s arrival and logistics.

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Computerized Solutions for Better Supply Chains

Pre-Coronavirus Circumstance

The inability to forecast problems, the absence of versatile procurement of short-lived commodities, eCommerce stages, and restricted access to funds, innovation, and market data left farmers confronting extensive challenges in harvesting and selling their agriculture crops.

Post-Coronavirus Circumstance

Post Coronavirus, new technologies are being created to encourage the administration of supply-demand interfaces and supply chains. Activities such as the procurement of agricultural products through the National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation of India (NAFED), Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs), and enterprises, making farm to-showcase linkages, providing farmers with simple admittance to credit and direction on innovation and computerized arrangements, and empowering Agri-tech fire up firms have helped farmer losses, and improve input and output supply chains.

Labour Scarcity and Unemployment

Pre-Coronavirus Circumstance

The shortage of farm work was a worry. The Coronavirus crisis just helped uncover the generally existing fragilities of rural and migrant laborers’ livelihoods, food security, and prosperity.

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Post-Coronavirus Circumstance

The Kisan Rath mobile application, launched by the Government of India, is proving exceptionally valuable in interfacing farmers and dealers with carriers the nation over. Around 2,00,000 agriculture farmers and dealers have effectively enrolled to use the application. The new One Nation One Ration Card (ONORC) scheme has helped recipients with benefiting sponsored food anyplace in the country, regardless of their home.

Capital and Credit

Pre-Coronavirus Situation

Shortage of capital was a critical requirement in upgrading agricultural productivity and broadening. Little and medium enterprises’ rising unemployment and financial difficulty contrarily affected little, minor, and farmers with high total assets. The crisis endured to the disturbance of harvesting and markets prompted uncontrolled farmer suicides.

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Post-Coronavirus Circumstance

Central and State governments have launched a few activities to help SMEs survive, keep up value chains, and make markets for farmers. Guaranteeing SMEs’ admittance to smooth and sensible credit lines from loaning organizations empowered them to successfully deal with the crisis and interface straightforwardly with the farmers. The provision to cover cultivating losses under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojna (PMFBY) has re-established farmer certainty.

Decentralization and Diversification

Pre-Coronavirus Situation

The stockpile of organic products, vegetables, and other agricultural products in India has been imperative for quite a while. Food and nourishment weakness, the shortfall of territorial and community-based buffer stocks, and the absence of underlying changes such as land renting, contract farming, and privatization of agricultural business sectors hampered farmers’ development in India.

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Post-Coronavirus Situation

The government has used this chance to urge urban family units to develop food, at every possible opportunity, to add to the dietary variety. A change in perspective has been made towards the development and expansion of nearby food systems, and the usage of plans such as the National Nutrition Mission (NNM) and Public Distribution System (PDS) to make convergence and target local solutions for people residing in vulnerable regions that face more prominent poverty.

The Government of India has presented a few laws permitting obstruction barrier-free trade, unrestricted movement of agriculture products across states, and removing oats, pulses, onions, potatoes, oilseeds, and edible oils from the purview of the Essential Commodities Act.


The difficulties brought about by Coronavirus, the crisis has uncovered the weaknesses in India’s Agri-food system. The information has encouraged guide changes to make food systems and livelihoods more flexible and versatile. The presentation of agricultural market changes, digital solutions to connect farmers to business sectors, sensible working conditions, decentralized food systems, and the making of safety nets have improved the state of farmers in India post-Coronavirus.

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