Sonalika Gardentrac Series Tractors: Cultivation is the part of agriculture that includes the research of plants, basically for food, materials, comfort, and excellence for enhancement. The principle green crops are natural product crops. Natural products crops are showing up with huge canopy sizes and various kinds of editing designs. Occasionally there is an opportunity for intercropping cultivation in that of the plant crop field. During that culturing activity happens in organic product crop field-explicit sorts of farm hardware required. Mini tractors assume a significant part in culturing activities and plant assurance tasks in the natural product crop field.

Sonalika Gardentrac Series tractors, Mini tractors are ideal for organic product crops because of their conservative size and short turning sweep. For the most part, mini tractors are utilized for plant assurance activities in the agricultural field. Various kinds of sprayers are effectively operable with mini tractors in enormous shade plant fields like mangoes, pomegranate, grapes, and so on. Here, we will examine Sonalika mini-series tractors.

Sonalika mini tractors are uncommonly intended for cultivating. All models in the Gardentrac series are planned with innovation, a beautiful look, amazing smaller size, and incredible working.

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Sonalika GT 20 4WD –

Sonalika GT 20 4WD tractor is the most minimal hp tractor model among this Gardentrac series. This 20 HP tractor is outfitted with a 3-cylinder amazing engine. Oil Bath pre-air cleaner assists with providing clean air to the engine for better force age. The 2700 evaluated rpm incredibly influenced the force of this tractor. Sliding mesh transmission type furnished with a 6+2 gearbox helps in smooth stuff moving. Monetary PTO alternative likewise accessible in this tractor model which makes it fuel saver, less vibrate and less noisy.

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650 kg hydraulic lifting limit makes it skilled for each culturing activity with rotavator, furrow, and other farm implements. This 4WD tractor model is effectively operable in that sloppy field too. Fuel tank furnished in this model with 31.5 lit limits. More extensive space is accessible in that tractor model which helps in simple passage exit and happy with heading to the administrator.

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Sonalika GT 22 4WD –

This 24 HP class tractor model is furnished with a 3-cylinder engine with 3050 rated RPM. This cool tech engine helps in an extraordinary execution during longer field tasks. The more extensive stage helps in open to driving. Multi-Speed PTO choices given in this tractor help in different tasks like furrowing, showering, and so forth Oil-immersed brakes accessible in this tractor helps in high unwavering quality, low upkeep cost, and this brake has an incredibly long life expectancy.

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Tight track width assists with getting to a wide range of orchards and column crops like cotton and sugarcane. This 4WD model gives better footing in the sloppy field moreover. This is an ideal tractor model for orchard crops.

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Sonalika GT 26 4WD –

Sonalika GT 26 4WD is the last or higher HP tractor model in the sonalika Garderntrac series. This 26 HP tractor model furnished with a 3-cylinder engine and dry sort air cleaner with a stopping up sensor. This sort of air cleaner gives pre-caution of obstructing status which assists with keeping up the tractor execution. Sliding lattice transmission helps in the simple changing of gears.

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Multispeed PTO choice is additionally accessible in this model so farmers can without much of a stretch work rotavator and various sorts of the furrow, a cultivator with this tractor. Power Steering accessible in this tractor helps in that of long field activities with extraordinary solace. 850 kg hydraulic lifting limit helps in any culturing activity with different farm implements. Thin track width and low turning span help in line crop designs. This ideal model for planting.


Sonalika Gardentrac Series Tractors extraordinarily intended for Orchard crops and these are ideal tractors for organic product crop garden proprietors.

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