John Deere’s latest modern technology tractor, is a 100% electric tractor. It provides better “efficiency, traction” and less field pressure.

John Deere faced a huge challenge; it is basically the journey of one man to the global enterprise. It took 180 years to reach this height. John Deere Company was only possible by one man John Deere, he created first steel plow, after this, his work started to expand.  His son took over his leadership, after his death. His son played an important role, he helped the company to reach top implement makers in the country. After his son became the president, he started the harvester market. After this they came up with new age technology and precision farming. Now, the workers of this company produce equipment for agriculture, construction, outdoor recreation and forestry.  It provides top of the line equipments to make life easier.

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John Deere is known for it’s new innovations in tractor industry for making the farmers’ jobs a bit easier by presenting modern technology tractors. John Deere always suits your needs, by providing the wide range of tractors. As it seamlessly connects people, machines with modern technology. John Deere Company always has one purpose in mind to help it’s customers and be productive.

Indian agriculture is getting smashed due to these factors: Due to cold weather it’s hard for machines and for their engines and batteries too. As the sector depends on liberal import of agriculture products, and there is decline in investment in agriculture sectors, there is uncertain water supply, lack of remunerative income, absence of labour.

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Modern technologies tractors helps farmer to handle things smartly, more productively and in an error-free way.

Modern technology in John Deere tractors are:

  1. 4wheel drive
  2. JD link for tractor tracking- AutoTrac
  3. Gear pro-series.


John Deere modern technology tractors have been introduced for the first time in India , to enhance productivity and reduce customers fatigue. This advance technology has comes up with the guidance system that enables tractor to be on the line.

These modern technology tractors provides the feature called AutoTrac, which consists of three components-

Steering unit – modern technology tractors have been designed as a resister to dust and humidity and provides fresh air. This unique technology has automatic features which turns, rotate and moves the steering wheel.

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Star fire- This modern technology tractor provides guidance through the satellite to the tractor. Due to it’s high accuracy receiver, it provides correct signals through satellite.

Precision display- this modern technology tractor provides best and easy to use experience to the customer. As it enables to look at the path, it is moreover like an open station display which is designed for bright and sunny weather.

The modern technology tractor model for AutoTrac is:

  • John Deere 5075 E


John Deere modern technology tractors come with gear pro series which provides higher backup torque and are basically designed for industrial purpose.

The modern technology tractor models for John Deere Gear Pro Series are:

  1. John Deere 5210 Gear Pro: John Deere 5210 model comes with modern technology tractor features which suits major kinds of requirements for a farmer. 5210 Gear Pro is a pack of:
  2. High power
  3. Advance technology
  4. Reliability
  5. 4 range gear speed

            5210 Gear Pro tractor has 4 wheel drives with 50 horse power which provides extra range. It has an electrical quick raise and lower. It has a better engine power which produce a torque of 38%. Consists of reverse and dual PTO.

            These modern technology tractors come with bigger size tyres. They are self-adjusting and have oil immersed disk brakes. These modern technology tractors come with top shaft synchronizer. Engine rated RMP is 2100 RMP. Also have suspended brakes and clutch pedals. Available with different options.

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John Deere 5310 Gear Pro:

John Deere 5310 model comes with modern technology tractor feature which is designed for exceptional performance and reliability. 5310 Gear Pro consists of 55HP.

5310 Gear Pro is good for wide range of use in different soil conditions. It has a high back up torque for heavy applications. These modern technology tractors are self-equalizing and have oil immersed disk brakes.

5310 Gear Pro tractor comes with modern technology tractor so that they are suitable for all kinds use. They also have planetary gear reduction for heavy transmission. They have lesser maintenance as compared to other.

  • Gear Pro have 4WD. Comes with dual clutch. Also has dry type air filter.

John Deere 5405 Gear Pro:

John Deere 5405 model comes with modern technology tractor feature which is designed to cater big implements. Comes with a powerful 63HP (Horse Power) available in both 2WD and 4WD options.

John Deere 5405 have turbocharger engine to make work easy with bigger implements and heavy applications like rotavator, dozer. It has more speed range and fuel saving engine.

John Deere 5405 has oil immersed brakes which need low maintenance and dissipates heat during braking operations. They also have planetary gear reduction for heavy transmission. They have lesser maintenance as compared to other. John Deere 5405 has sway bars for easy implements. Also have SCV and reverse PTO.

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