The best thing about the different variants of John Deere 5310 tractor is that every tractor model is build with the latest technology.

India is among one of the countries, where a huge section of the population is dependent on agriculture and “farm mechanization” will be a very important factor for the advancement of the agricultural sector. There are many pioneers of Indian farm mechanizations but as per the need of Indian farmers, all types of solutions at one place make their life easy and automatically enhance the productivity level. John Deere belongs to the category of “One-stop solutions” for Indian agriculture.

Deere Company was founded in the year of 1837 and now John Deere is among one of the world’s leading manufacturers of agricultural equipments. Revenues of the company approximate to about US$ 26.64 billion.

In India, operations began in the year 1998, with the manufacturing of tractors for sales and exports also. John Deere markets services are done via a chain of nineteen area offices, 900 dealers touchpoints and six regional offices.

 The company has 4 training centers throughout the country. John Deere has made good progress in India in the past couple of years. The company has launched various products and programs needed by the Indian farmers in different segments of agriculture including, seeding, harvesting, and post-harvesting farm equipments.

John Deere tractor are always equipped with the latest technology. Here we are going to talk about the various John Deere 5310 Tractor models:-

The “John Deere 5310 2WD”

John Deere 5310 HP is 55 and it is a 2WD Tractor model equipped with 3 cylinders, DI, Turbocharged engine with coolant-cooled with overflow reservoir, which is very impressive. The “dry Type dual-element air filter” which is available in this model slashes the maintenance cost and gives great efficiency in comparison to the wet type of air filter.  The “self-equalizing and self-adjustable hydraulic activated oil-immersed disc brakes” are available in this model, provide great amount of safety to the operator.

The automatic depth and draft control hydraulic system available in this tractor provides a 2000 kg maximum lifting capacity which makes this tractor the best option for a heavy-duty agricultural operation. The factor of “power steering” helps in a low crop spacing field with a minimum turning radius. This is the best tractor for marginal farmers.

· The “5310 4WDModel

This is a 55 HP tractor and this model comes equipped with John Deere’s new powerful 3029H Turbocharged engine with an inline fuel injection pump, which assists in proper power generation in the engine section. The dry-kind dual-element air filter helps to increase the life span of the engine and this 4WD tractor model is equipped with new tech. The planetary gear with straight axle available in this tractor assists in proper work with low interruption, because of which the three gears with axle become very rigid.

Oil jet provided in the engine also helps in piston cooling, which significantly reduces the overheating problem, so this machine can be easily operated with daily work of plough, rotavator.

·The “John Deere 5310 Permaclutch”

This model is also a 55 HP category tractor model but comes equipped with the permaclutch technology, which makes it different. Permaclutch technology help in a significant reduction of clutch maintenance and adjustments of the pedal. The central feature of the John Deere 5310 Permaclutch tractor model comes equipped with a single wet clutch. The Mechanically actuated single wet clutch has been specially designed for the John Deere E series.

The single wet clutch has a life span of at least 5000 hours and this helps in the reduction of the loss of productive hours and reduces the maintenance cost in comparison to the dry-type clutch. This is a perfect technology for better uptime, cost of operation, and money value. This is a perfectly viable “John Deere 5310 Tractor model for tractor mounted Combine harvester operations.

·The “5310 PR” Model

This model is different from others due to it’s “PowrReverser Technology” which is ideal for heavy applications. The John Deere “PowrReverser transmission” gives 12 forward speeds and 12 reverse speeds for operators that require additional operating ranges, useful for fieldwork, and other kinds of applications. It is also equipped with a shiftable 540/540 Economy PTO, which is a great thing.

The transmission system in this tractor model is perfect for operators, who use their tractors to perform tasks of “heavy applications”. And maximum productivity can be attained with a hydraulic power shift between forward and reverse. It is perfect for loader and rear blade applications which need constant directional switches in closed spaces.

Also, it is advantageous when turning at the headland, as it has the ability to control the aggressiveness of the forward/reverse modulation aspect. The operator comes with the flexibility to control the modulation from slow response, as is preferred in precise operations such as loading, to a fast response, as desired in applications when every minute is important.

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