Farmtrac tractor come in the best reach to perform different tasks. Here, we are showing an infographic of different Farmtrac tractor models. By this infographic, you can get data about the different ranges of Farmtrac tractor.

Farmtrac made different tractor models as indicated by the farmer’s necessities and demands. These tractors offer advanced technology to make various farmlands gainful. Farmtrac tractor models have an amazing engine, solid body, high fuel efficiency, economical mileage, and so forth Tractor models of Farmtrac give a lot of yields and powerful execution in the Indian field. These models are best in different land and conditions. You may also check that why people should buy farmtrac tractors.

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Types of Farmtrac Tractor

In this infographic, we share various sorts of Farmtrac tractors as little tractors, utility tractors, 4 wheel drive tractors, and heavy-duty tractors.

Farmtrac Mini Tractors

Farmtrac mini tractors are flexible for performing plantation cultivating activities. These tractor models accompany imaginative features that make the farming field profitable. These tractors are used for different purposes. Farmers need tractors that devour less fuel. Farmtrac small-scale tractors fit entirely in this bill and are renowned all over India.

Farmtrac Smaller than usual Tractor Models with Cost

  • Atom 26 – 26 HP – Rs. 4.80-5.00 Lac.
  • Farmtrac Atom 22 – 22 HP – Rs. 4.00-4.20 Lac.
  • Champion 35 – 35 HP – Rs. 4.90 Lac.

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Farmtrac Utility Tractors

Farmtrac utility tractors offer progressed properties at a reasonable cost. These models are durable and versatile, which is the reason they acquired acclaim rapidly. These tractors are the best partner of the implements and effectively introduce the gear to make tough cultivating surfaces smooth. Farmtrac utility tractors have the best functional features to improve the cultivating yield.

Farmtrac Utility Tractor Models with Cost

  • Champion XP 37 – 37 HP – Rs. 5.00-5.25 Lac.
  • Farmtrac Champion 39 – 39 HP – Rs. 4.90-5.20 Lac.
  • 45 Classic – 45 HP – Rs. 5.95-6.25 Lac.
  • Farmtrac Champion 42 – 42 HP – Rs. 5.25-5.50 Lac.

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Farmtrac Heavy Duty Tractors

Farmtrac heavy-duty tractors come with an incredible engine that strengthens the tractor stay long in the farming field. These models are made by modern technology, progressed engineering, and high traction. Substantial tractor range has the greatest comfort and securable ride. This tractor cost is entirely moderate, which is an advantage to the enormous scope of farmers.

Farmtrac Hardcore Tractor Models with Cost

  • Farmtrac 60 PowerMaxx – 55 HP – Rs. 7.20-7.55 Lac.
  • Farmtrac Executive 6060 2WD – 60 HP – Rs. 7.80-7.98 Lac.
  • Farmtrac 6055 PowerMaxx – 60 HP – Rs. 7.89-8.35 Lac.

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Farmtrac 4-wheel drive Tractors

Farmtrac 4-wheel drive tractors used for wetland puddling activities prevent the requirement for cage wheels which harm the streets. These tractor models improve footing in risky driving conditions.

Farmtrac 4-wheel drive Tractors Models with Cost

  • Farmtrac 45 Executive Ultramaxx – all-wheel-drive – 47 HP – 6.90-7.40 Lac.
  • 6055 Classic T20 – 55 HP – Rs. 7.20 to 7.90 Lac.
  • Farmtrac 6065 Supermaxx – 65 HP – Rs. 8.15-8.50 Lac.
  • Farmtrac 6050 Executive Ultramaxx – 50 HP – Rs. 7.60-8.10 Lac.

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Featured points of Infographic

In this infographic, we are shown different tractor models of Farmtrac tractor  Farmtrac mini tractors, Farmtrac utility tractors, Farmtrac 4 wheel drive tractors, Farmtrac heavy-duty tractors, and so on.

Alongside this, About Farmtrac tractor models with their HP range.

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