Farming and Agriculture are chiefly dependent on seasons and weather conditions. The temperature becomes an important factor when it comes to the farming of different kinds of fruits, vegetables, and pulses. In the preceding years, farmers were doing their job based on predictions. And so sometimes they suffered from heavy losses due to wrong predictions of weather. And now when the technology has been developed and mechanisms for special weather forecasting are available, the farmers can get all the updates on a smartphone. As most of the farmer population at this stage know the basics which make it easy for them to use the currently available features.

The presence of erratic weather conditions is beyond human control. However, it is possible, to adapt to or mitigate the effects of adverse weather when a forecast of the expected weather can be attained in the required time. Weather Forecasts are better for small areas. Some sections of weather forecasts for agriculture are different from synoptic forecasts for the weather conditions. While clear weather is required for sowing operations, it must be preceded by the “seed zone soil moisture storage” factor. The crop weather factors mean that crops and cropping practices vary across areas that even fall in the same season. In the scenario of well-organized weather systems, the required areal delineation of forecasts has a possibility of being realized. The area to which the weather forecasts will be applied must be clearly stated in a coherent manner.

Weather forecasting is a prediction that is based on conditions of the atmosphere which are further depending on location and time. Every area will have their different predictions related to the condition of weather which makes it pretty easy for the farmers to know what is to be done and when it is to be done. The relationship between weather and agriculture has, therefore, clearly shown the need for accurate prediction of the weather and so to enable farmers to make an informed decision which doesn’t lead to losses for them. Temperature, sunlight, and rainfall have a major impact on the crops. For livestock, temperatures and adequate water and food are the most essential components.

The weather forecasting aids in viable planning of farming operations. It also helps to decide whether to undertake or withhold the sowing operation procedure. When the crop is to be irrigated and when fertilizer is to be applied and when to start complete harvesting or to withhold it are some of the major components for which forecasting becomes an important factor.

Irrigation is the process of artificial application of water to land in the case of agricultural production and farming process. The requirements for irrigation and crop growth are impacted by weather variation. The amount of timing and evapotranspiration are two main weather-related requirement factors. Climate variability is something that all farmers need to understand. Extended periods of dry conditions, commonly known as drought is one of the major hurdles in the present irrigation system. So if it’s proper forecast is done, chances of losses become lower than expected. Drought can increase daily crop water use due to extremely low humidity which is accompanied by high temperatures. Managing the extreme conditions, irrigators are required to understand daily and seasonal crop water use patterns, as well as adopt practices and technology which result in good production of crops for them.

The timing of fertilizer has a major effect on crop yields. Proper timing of the fertilizer application increases yields, leads to reduced nutrient losses and prevents damage to the environmental surroundings. Incorrect timings and not predicting the weather can result in a waste of fertilizer and even damage to the crop. Knowledge of how the application of the fertilizer is done is needed. Weather forecast can assist the farmers to decide the timing on when to apply them and which conditions are suitable. Both the resources and money could be wasted if the application of fertilizer is done in a wrong manner and hence a proper knowledge and prediction is a must thing. According to research, fertilizing plants in winter is not good as the crops do not grow in a proactive manner. Actual temperatures may change from year to year.

The consequences of non-seasonal changes in temperature and their potential negative effects on host plants and pests are relatively well known. Unseasonably high temperatures may lead to reduced plant productivity and an increased number of pests on the farm. Applying pest and disease control is important to protect the farm and crops from insects, which harm the yield. Weather forecast assists the farmers in knowing when to apply the pests and chemicals to avoid the wastage of crops.  By some estimates, up to 40 percent of the world’s food supply is already gone because of pests. Reduction in pests and applied chemicals is important to ensure global food security, reduced application of inputs, and a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions. The “climate-smart pest management” is a cross-sectoral method whose goal is to reduce pest induced losses.

The method of getting experts to do tailor-made weather forecast is expensive in comparison to the application of cheap weather forecast information available in the current media but it is beneficial to the farmers in the long term. In the future, therefore, farmers will come to rely on satellite forecasting due to it’s various kinds of advantages.

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