A new tractor comes with the advantage of being manufactured as per the correct specifications and quality parameters.  A large part of the trust lies in the warranty part that comes with a new tractor. It has all the required documentation such as “invoice” and is automatically eligible for loans. But when it comes to purchasing a used tractor, the buyer must be cautious to ensure that a trustable machine is being purchased, which will not result in any kind of problems after the transaction. Some useful tips while buying a second hand tractor are mentioned below.

Important points to understand, While Buying A “Used Tractor”

The following are some of the most basic things that one should not ignore in any situation, before purchasing a second hand tractor:

Select a popular brand

It is important to select a popular brand that has a good reputation among buyers. Brands like Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, Eicher, are trustable since they have been tried and tested by customers over a span of decades and serious problems are unlikely to happen.  Another advantage of buying a popular brand is that it will maintain it’s the resale value in a better manner than less popular brands.

Make sure to gain information about the previous owner Of The “Used Tractor”

This will give an idea of whether the tractor model was well maintained or not and if it has sustained any damage.  If it was owned by a farmer, then it was likely a beloved member of his house.  But, if the previous owner is a commercial operator, then it is possible that the model was used a lot by numerous operators in construction applications. 

Make sure to do a physical inspection and check number of hours

It is not complete enough to only ask about the usage of the tractor.  It is important to clarify if the tractor is in a good condition. The first thing to do is to verify the number of hours it has been run.  If the average hours per year are more than 900, then the tractor has been used for more than the normal time and may require higher maintenance in the nearby future. 

Check the condition of tires Of The “Used Tractor”

The condition of the tires must be completely checked since they are expensive to replace.  Look for any cuts, cracks. Also, check whether the tire is remolded or not. A remolded tire has a lower life than the original tires. Note any uneven wear which can indicate serious problems in the tractor.

Make sure to take it out for a test drive

Just like when purchasing a car, the buyer must drive and operate the tractor.  One must especially check for any kind of abnormal smoke coming from the engine or any abnormal gear noises coming from the transmission.  Also, hydraulics should be thoroughly tested since any repairs here are expensive.  All electrical components should be tested, and any leaks should be thoroughly inspected.  If the buyer is not an expert, he should use a technician’s services to inspect the second-hand tractor.

Do Verify all the relevant documentation Of The “Used Tractor”

A second hand tractor must come with the original invoice, Insurance-proof, proof of taxes paid (if commercial), and the certificate of registration. If these documents are either missing or not in order, it will become difficult to transfer the ownership of the said tractor.  Also, financiers will not be willing to sanction a loan if any of these documents indicate any kind of anomaly.  A second hand model dealer can help in the verification of the originality of these documents.

Make Sure To Verify “Dealer support”

All tractors require a dealer’s support for parts and service.  Similarly, any second-hand model purchased should be serviced by a nearby dealer. Also check if the dealer has the required technicians, parts availability, and special tools. 

Buying a second hand tractor can be a good decision and can save a lot of money. However, it is susceptible to risks also.  If the above tips are followed, then buyers can minimize the risks and enjoy their second hand tractor for a lot of years to come.

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