Since the last few decades there has been an increase in the types of tractors available to the farmers to choose their suitable type.

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 The word Tractor is derived from the combination of two words – traction and motor. A tractor is used to perform different agricultural tasks. It can also be used with various agricultural implements. A tractor pulls heavy load at a slow speed. Farming requires a number of agricultural tasks to be performed and each task varies from the other. Hence, to decrease the load on farmers, necessary machinery and equipments have been developed.

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So, to perform different types of work, various types of tractors have been developed by the manufacturers to ease the process of farming.

Types of tractors in India:

The tractors have been divided into different categories based on their purpose, drive, construction, etc.

1.Utility Tractors

Most farmers in India are either small scale farmers or medium-scale farmers. These farmers cannot afford to buy various modern implements or equipments which are used to perform various tasks. The utility tractor is like a saviour for them. These tractors are made to perform general work like “ploughing, sowing or can be used by adding another equipment.” They have power ranging from 45HP – 140HP. They are multifunctional performing tractors. They are used in landscaping and farming. These tractors are also used for pulling farm equipments like “tillers, harvesters, threshers, etc.”, they have either gasoline or diesel engines.  Best brands for utility tractors are John Deere and Mahindra.

2.Row Crop Tractors

This type of tractor is used by farmers on farms when they plant crops in a row. These types of tractors are like an all-rounder. They can be used for meeting various agricultural tasks like “ploughing, harvesting, levelling, pulling seed drills, etc.”, they have many advantages like “greater ground clearance, good row spacing, easy steering moves, easy implements, etc.” .As compared to utility tractors, row crop tractors are somewhat expensive as they have many advantages over the utility tractors. In India, John Deere has the largest market in row crop tractors.

3.Orchard type Tractors

These tractors are especially used in the farming of different types of orchards like “fruit orchards, nut orchards, and vineyards.” They are designed to provide comfortability to the farmers while they sit and pick high hanging fruits. Thus, for this reason, they have great height as compared to other tractors. They can be easily passed from between the trees due to their design and techniques. The brands manufacturing the best orchard tractors are John Deere, Mahindra, and Massey Ferguson.

4.Industrial Tractors

These tractors were previously known as tuggers. Industrial tractors, as the name suggests are used mainly for industrial purpose rather than agricultural purpose. These tractors are fit with cranes so that they can carry heavy loads.  Cranes are like heavy implements fit to these tractors to ease the work of carrying and moving heavy loads n industry. These tractors have a drawbar instead of three-point linkages.

5.Garden Tractors

These tractors have powerful engines ranging from 1-10HP and can be extended up to 20HP. These tractors are mostly used for gardening purposes. They are used for cutting grass and making flower beds. These tractors are designed and constructed in small sizes. These tractors have thin wheels as compared to other tractors. The wheels are usually of the same size as that of a scooter’s wheel or a little thick. The brands manufacturing the best garden tractors are John Deere and swaraj.

6.Earth Moving Tractors

As the name suggests, these tractors are mainly used for earth moving works. They are used for works on “dams, and quarries”. These tractors are also used for constructional purposes like “construction of roads, highways, etc.” these tractors are available in both track and tyre type varieties. They are heavy as compared to other tractors.

India is developing at a rapid speed. The development is taking place in all three sectors. Though traditional methods are still in use, development in agriculture is necessary. The above-mentioned types of tractors will help in leading the way to agriculture development in India.

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