India is the world’s second-most populous country with a total population of 1.34 billion and the largest source for livelihood in India is “Agriculture and it’s relevant sectors”. As more than 70% of the rural population depends on it. India is the world’s biggest producer of milk, pulses, and jute, and also ranks as the second-biggest producer of rice, wheat, sugarcane, groundnut, vegetables, fruit.

But, India still has many issues.

Due to the increasing rural-urban men migration, there is increase feminization in agriculture. An ever-increasing scarcity of water resources in the country needs to be dealt with and there should be new policies for an improved agricultural system. Agricultural machinery and tractor agricultural implements are the only viable solutions.

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Reason For Need For Mechanization

  • In India the overall farm mechanization level is near 40 – 45% whereas in the USA it is at 95% and looking at competitor score, the Indian government must act on this concern.
  • India can be on top in terms of population in the next decade, and to feed the population we must have a plan to get more yield per hectare.
  • Nowadays, most of the unskilled labour gets attracted towards the urban furnish, which results in unavailability of Labors in rural areas.

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What Are The Benefits from Mechanization In The Agriculture Sector

  • Mechanized farming will speed up all practices, save more time and more income will attract the youth towards farming as a career option.
  • Most of the marginal farmers in India, use hand tools only which results in agriculture-related injuries and so advance farm equipment will reduce these injuries.
  • Indian mangoes, snacks, and spices are known across the globe for their quality and with mechanization, we can attain export standards and doubles farmer’s income amount.
  • Mechanization assures uniform distribution of seed, fertilizer, and water also these practices, save a farmer’s time and labour cost. By using the latest farm tractor implements, a farmer does seeding and fertilizing practices at the same time.

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Reasons for Opposition to Mechanization in the Agriculture Sector

  • Many farmers don’t understand the methods of using advanced implements, and so they manage their farming activities with their traditional toolset which results in less amount of productivity.
  • A lot of Indian farmers know about tractors and some day to day use equipment like Plough and tractor cultivator but they are unfamiliar with a happy seeder, laser leveller, straw reaper.
  • Advance technology-based machines do not fit in a small farmer’s pocket when it comes to the pricing part.
  • And most of the tractor implement are expensive than 50000/- and it is very essential to get parts or service for that particular model. The Breakdown of a tractor in planting season can cause major loss to the tractor owner.

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The Presumable Solutions To Improve The Agriculture Sector

Small and marginal farmers are advised to rent all types of equipment with ease and take their farming to the next level without making any kind of investment.

  • Modi’s government is focusing on farmer’s welfare and regarding this, they have launched many schemes to revitalize the Agriculture Sector and improve their present economic situations.
  • Many Agri – startup contracts with farmers for providing fresh farm produce to urban cities, and this way a farmer will be able to get better returns.

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