Tractors are one of the most essential farm machines which have significantly changed the farming style in India. They have been an important equipment for the development of modern-day agriculture. Tractors have relieved the farmers and the animals from the time consuming and tough operations. They are such a vital part of modern farming that growing crops is simply unthinkable without them.

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The invention of the Tractor and It’s Market Growth

The industrial revolution in Europe brought mechanization to the agricultural sector. At that time, people came up with the idea to replace human and animal labour so that they can be unburdened and the work can be done in a shorter period. With the development of steam engines, a major step towards the development of tractors was taken. The first steam-powered machine was build. It was able to chop straw, cut wood and thresh crops. It was built in 1949 by a Philadelphia based company, A. M. Archambault & Company. In earlier times, these farm machines were either fixed in a placed or were hauled with the help of an ox or another animal. With the development of steam traction engines, farm threshers were made in a way that could be mechanically driven.

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While the farm threshers were certainly an upgrade to labour farming, they have many drawbacks too.


  • They were large and difficult to operate
  • The manufacturing was expensive
  • Maintenance was expensive
  • They were hazardous

Tractors in India

Since 1914, tractors have been in use by the agricultural sector of India. The British government imported them to get more land under their control. The replacement and repairing of the parts was very expensive as they have to be imported from Great Britain. Hence, production of parts and engines of a tractor began in India in the 1930s.

After independence, the farmers got a boost from the government of India to start using the modern farming methods for the production of the food grains.

The government started importing tractors from the UK, Soviet Union, Poland, Romania and many other counties. They were further modified to suit Indian farmers. By 1973, tractors were manufactured in some parts of India. To boost the sale of locally manufactured tractors in India, the Indian government banned the import of tractors.

After fulfilling the national demand, the manufactures started exporting tractors to other countries.

The Indian tractors were a huge hit among the nation as well as other countries because of their reliable engine and low-cost productivity.

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Social and Economic Impact of Tractors


With the coming of tractors, manual labour was freed, decreasing time and increasing the efficiency.

As the animals were no longer of much use, the farmers were now able to save the cost of their feeding and meadow and were able to buy more seeds to increase the production.

Farmworkers can now be diverted into different tasks. The farmworkers were now free to enter the other two-sector and earn more than they ever could. This decreased the occupational vacancy in other sectors and the occupational chart began to vary diversely.


Opportunities in other sectors, along with lack of work in rural areas increased crowding in other sectors drastically, leading to a huge leap of migrants in the urban areas. This lead to mushrooming in some parts of urban areas and the rise of slums.

Due to huge leap in other sectors, farmers now have to buy the expensive mechanized tool for farming as most of the labour was now working in the industrial sector.

Small farmers who owned less than 7 acres of land had to look for other sources of livelihood due to increase competition with the mechanized farming done by the large farmers.

Future Scenario of Tractors

With the coming of years, more innovation in tractors can be expected. In the future, the tractors will be equipped with motion detection and automatic control, to give it an all mechanized touch and hence, increase the efficiency in farming.

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