Tractor’s evolution in India have led to a wide change in the farming style which has led india to a step ahead in farm mechanization.

Agriculture is responsible for the livelihood of 70% of the population in India. Directly or indirectly, agriculture makes upto 25% of the county’s GDP. It also accounts for over 13% of the country’s exports. India holds the position of the second-largest agricultural produce in the world. It produces wheat, rice, barley, corn, cashew, tea, nuts, different vegetables and fruits, groundnuts, etc. The highest crop producing states in India are “Maharashtra, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Punjab, Haryana, West Bengal, and Andhra Pradesh.”

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Evolution of Tractors in India have led to a wide change in the farming style which has led India to a step ahead in farm mechanization.

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Tractor’s Evolution in India

The first tractors in India were imported by the British government in 1914 to clear bushes and shrubs from the degraded forest areas and to provide the barren land for agricultural purposes, that is when the tractor’s evolution started in India. In the beginning, these tractors were mostly used for governmental farming operations. By 1930, they were made available for the landowners who could afford to hire them to use in their farms.

Although the use of tractors in India was limited only to wealthy farmers and landowners.

After independence, the Indian government was determined to upgrade the way for farming in India by bringing modern techniques along with mechanized machinery and equipments. Tractor’s evolution was the main step for mechanization of the farms.

The government started the initiative of more yielding capacity in India by providing more land to the small and medium farmers to increase the production of food to achieve self-sufficiency. The government imported a huge number of tractors to speed up production.

Indian manufacturers rigorously studied the imported tractors. The government wanted to start with the indigenous production of tractors and modify them to be best suited for the Indian conditions. The first indigenous tractor was made in 1961.

The five major tractor producers in India are “Eicher Motors, Gujarat Tractors, TAFE Ltd., Escorts Tractors Ltd., and Mahindra & Mahindra.”

By the 1970s, the Indian government banned tractors imports and began imposing high duties and taxes on imports. This was done to get the attention of the farmers into buying the indigenous tractors and to increase the local market of Indian manufactured tractors. After a few years, these indigenous tractor manufacturers began exporting to spread their market outside India.

By 1980, the era of green revolutions started. This led to a boost in tractor production. The government started offering 25-30% subsidies to the farmers to buy Indian manufactured tractors.

The annual production of tractors in India was 140,000 in the year 1990 which further outgrew to 2 million in 1997.

From 2000-2018, the Indian government began funding and encouraging custom–hiring centres to make it easier for the Indian farmers to buy expensive machinery and equipments.

Tractor Market in India

India is one of the largest tractor manufacturers, producing around 660,000 units per year. The main states that manufacture tractors in India are “Karnataka, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Punjab, Haryana, Madhya Pradesh and, Andhra Pradesh. “

Types and Uses of Tractors

In India, the most commonly used tractors are the four-wheeled 31HP to 40HP tractors. They can be used for multiple agricultural uses along with being affordable to many farmers. These tractors can also be used to haul produce, equipments, goods or any other item from one place to another.

Tractors are also used in various other places like “Construction of Roads, Garbage Collection, and Various Other Non-Agricultural Activities.”

Tractors with higher horsepower, from 41HP – 50HP also have high demand in India but because of their higher prices, they are just limited to large-scale farmers.

Current Scenario

Indian farmers are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of using mechanized equipments and tractors on the farms. The decrease in labour cost has opened the eyes of many.

Adding to this are the funding and subsidiaries provided by the government. Moreover, commercial banks are giving 95% credibility for buying tractors to the Indian farmer to encourage them towards the modern ways of farming.

Future Industry Growth

The future of the agricultural industry will continue to expand in India under the influence of modern technology. The agricultural machinery market is expected to reach 769.2 billion by the year 2022.

It is also expected that the demand for machinery in the agricultural sector will keep increasing year by year.

tractor’s evolution has been happening since the starting of the twentieth century. The more advancement we are achieving, the more we are evolving.

Future models of tractors will be equipped with air-conditioning, internet connectivity, touch sensors, etc.

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