The evolution in “Tractor Systems” has come with the advancement in agricultural technology, which has proven to be beneficial. Farm mechanization has made millions of agricultural workers available for work in other types of industries. A high reduction in the labor force in the agriculture sector has always been the main motivation point in the mechanization of farms. The new and modern tractor industry plays an important role to achieve these goals.

There are many types of tractors, but today’s modern agricultural tractors are complex vehicles used for powering all kinds of farm implements, and various types of systems involved in a Tractor, have been mentioned below in detail.

·The “Engine” – 

The uttermost important part of any vehicle is it’s engine section. And there are different types and sizes of engines that are used in “Tractor Systems”. In India, the “Tractor manufacturing companies” like John Deere Tractor, Mahindra Tractor, Swaraj Tractor, Sonalika Tractor, have their engine systems and mostly tractors have four-stroke engines but some of them also have two-stroke diesel engine systems. The automobile engines are generally not good/usable for the tractors in India. The engines are specially designed for a high load aspect which is closeby to 80-90 % brake horse-power and engines of the tractors are designed with 1-4 cylinders, but a single-cylinder engine is generally used in Power Tillers these days. The “Swaraj 717 Tractor, Eicher 242 Tractor” are some of the examples of the Single cylinder engine tractors.

These new tractor engines have a small Stroke to bore ratio, which is held in a high engine speed, a compact size, and a reduced level of vibrations, which makes the tractors very comfortable.

·The “Lubrication System”

The sole objective of this lubrication system is to reduce friction, wear, and power loss levels. As modern machines like tractors are designed to maintain higher loads and speed, so along with that purpose, this lubrication technology has been made, and also the “Tractor engines” comes with an internal pressurized lubrication system. The lubrication in tractors takes place with special oil called universal tractor oil and this lubricant is mostly used lubricated parts in tractors like engine, transmission, hydraulic system, brake system, etc. This kind of oil differs in quality.

·The “Transmission System” –

The central purpose of the “Transmission system” is to transmit power from the engine to wheels, PTO, Hydraulic Pump, and other auxiliaries, which improves the performance level. There are different transmission types in the tractor, like sliding mesh, constant mesh, Synchronized or synchromesh, etc. And the first three systems of transmission are called “manual transmission systems” because of the gears being operable with manual efforts only. And the important thing about John Deere tractors is they come with a Collar shift gearbox in their transmission system which makes it very efficient in the performance levels. And the most famous tractors in case of “Escorts tractors” – the “Digital PP 51i” and “Farmtrac 6055 Powermaxx” comes equipped with a constant mesh transmission system, which is an impressive thing.

The “Hydraulic System”

The most efficient hydraulic system in the tractor enhances the performance of the tractor and so the hydraulic system becomes the key factor in high duty tractor operational tasks. Also, the hydraulic control system used in tractors is segregated into three systems – Nudging System, Automatic Position Control System, Automatic Draft Control System and with the help of some of the above listed hydraulic systems agriculture implements like Rotavator, Cultivator, Seed Drill,  can be used with automatic control systems. The farmers can raise and lower their mounted implements as per their needs with a hydraulic system because the hydraulic lifting capacity of the tractor is directly proportional to the performance level of the “Tractor Systems”

The “Hydrostatic Power Steering” is a great advantage of the hydraulic system.

Efficient Tractor Design – 

The “Modern Tractors” are developed and designed with consideration of human factors and the efficient design of the tractor allows the operator to work in complex situations with high efficiency. And the ease in location and arrangement of controls, riding comfort, and good visibility levels enhance the performance levels of the operator. 

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