Tractor purchase can be one of the most difficult choice for a farmer as it will determine the efficiency of his future farm activities.

To make the farm work easy and expedient for farmers, farm tractors are the most efficient choice of machinery. But it is also a fact that not all tractors bring the desired level of effectiveness to the farms. Thus, choosing the right tractor can be a tough job.

There are a number of things that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a tractor. Still, the one thing that succeeds over all the other factors is that you would like to find a tractor that will allow you to do as many different tasks as possible. So, the first tractor that you would want to buy should be an all-purpose tractor.   

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The first stop in the hunt for the right tractor is choosing the best tractor manufacturer. But, one should not think, that finding the right tractor manufacturer is all that needs to be done. Even if the right manufacturers and suppliers are found, one should not overlook a bunch of facts that are very significant and should be considered during a tractor purchase.

The following 5 key factors should be considered by the farmers during the purchase of a tractor:

  • Transmission – It is a machine which provides controlled application of power to a power generated motor vehicle. Generally, a transmission can be of two types – “ hydrostatic transmission and mechanical transmission”

Hydrostatic transmissions are the one which enable more efficient farm operations. Whereas, mechanical transmissions are the one which provides less maintenance cost as these are more power-efficient.

Before purchasing a tractor with either of the transmission systems, the buyer should be totally sure about the type of transmission that would be more appropriate for them. If they have any confusion related to it, they should talk to a farm consultant or a tractor manufacturer/supplier to guide them towards the right purchase. is one of the leading companies which deals in providing tractor spare parts.

  • Weight – The factors to consider while buying your tractor include “soil composition of the farm, lifting requirements in a farm, type of crop you grow etc.

Weight plays a crucial role to know the quality of the tractor. Many tractor manufacturers even suggest that weight relates to the quality of the tractor.

Heavyweight tractors are more robust and reliable. Hence, for many buyers, the ideal option would be to buy a heavyweight tractor.

But as every coin has two sides, heavyweight tractors decrease the average. So, the buyer is suggested to wisely make the choice.

  • Size – With the coming of modern technology, the former types of tractors are changing with respect to all components. Tractor manufacturers and suppliers are changing conventional thinking regarding the right size, feature and horsepower.

The large tractor size does not imply that it is the best choice among others or that it has high capacity or supremacy. Now, the decision of buying a tractor should not be based on conventional facts.

Now, even the tractors which are small in comparison to some others, offer horsepower engines and leading market features. The ultimate choice should be based on your requirement of size. 

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  • Lift capacity – Often it can happen that a Tractor Company may assure a certain weight lifting capacity but in reality, it may not be able to lift the weight it shows. In this case, the buyer can be fooled into buying the tractor. Many times the tractor manufacturer might quote high capacity but the end result may be different.

So, the buyers are advised to purchase the tractor from a reliable tractor manufacturer for an ideal tractor choice.

  • Four-wheel drive over two-wheel drive – Buyers are often confused to either get the four-wheel choice or a two-wheel choice. To choose your choice between a four-wheel-drive and a two-wheel drive, one must consider the load distribution.

The load distribution is required to see the safety, balance, and operational faults in the farming ground.

Thorough research should be done before making your mind on whether to buy a four-wheel-drive or a two-wheel drive.

A buyer can always take suggestions from a farm consultant or a tractor supplier to get the right tractor for yourself.

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  • Resale value – Even though a tractor is a form of farm equipment that is used for a period of over 15-17 years, still every tractor buyer knows that at some point they will have to sell the tractor.

When buying a tractor, always make sure to get it from a reliable and famous tractor company. This will increase the prospects of selling the tractor at a good price.

Tractor maintenance is another area to be taken care of when trying to sell a tractor. Your tractor should be in a good shape. If there are some components that you think will need replacement, do so.

All this will later add to the price at which you will finally sell it.

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