The tractor is like a trusty workhouse for many farm owners. It ensures a smooth farming experience for them. It is a sturdy, safe and dependable piece of equipment that makes the farming process more easy for many farmers. Running of the farm would be impossible without it. Regular maintenance of the tractor is like the key to protect your investment. It doesn’t matter whether you have a new tractor or an old one, maintenance of the tractor should be considered a pivotal role for it’s healthy working.

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The 5 pointers to follow are:

Overall inspection

Your eyes are responsible for good tractor maintenance.The first and foremost step in taking care of your tractor is to check it thoroughly. Check for any leaks inside or outside any tractor component. Always make sure that the hazard lights and the tractor components, all are in working position.

Replace missing bolts, nuts, screws, worn clamps, and tighten any loose connection. All the connections should be connected properly. All the pins and bolts should be in place. If necessary, tighten the fuel tank mountings. Check the hoses for leaks and loose connections. Check the belt for any sign of wear or rot. Make sure that the fluids are in level with the transmission, radiator, battery, and hydraulic system.

Every buyer gets a user manual from the manufacturer which gives instructions about taking care of the equipment. Always make sure to read Manuel and follow the tips given in basically includes “maintenance schedule, specifications, location of all parts of equipment, and basic operating instruction.”

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Oil and fluids

Regularly check the oil, transmission fuels and water. The dependency of checks may vary as it will depend on the hours of use. Changing oil should be done after the first 50 hours of use and after that, change the oil after every 100 hours of use.

Tractor maintenance needs a totally different set of tools that are required for automobile maintenance. Be sure you have all the necessary tools. You can either buy the whole toolbox or borrow the ones you need.

Make sure to park the tractor in a garage or place it under a shed to protect it from the rain. Make sure to especially check the exhaust system, seats and instruments. So either keep it in a garage or cover it well.


After the first 50 hours of using your tractor, or after the first 100 hours, when you change the oil, you are required to change the oil filters too. The air filters should be changed whenever it gets clogged. To look at the air filter from the inside, hold light from the outside and flash it inside of their filter. If you are able to see a good amount of light, your air filter does not require a change yet.

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You should check that all electrical connections to the battery are still tight, if any of the connections are loose, tighten them. The biggest problem with the battery is the build-up of corrosion on the battery cable, which can be the cause for your dead battery. Always ensure that your batteries are clean.  Be sure that the battery is clean at the place from where it meets the inside of the terminal. Check all the connections thoroughly again and twist the cables if they are too loose.

Nowadays, mostly all tractors have automatic brakes. To check and maintain your breaks, make sure that your braking system is lubricated well and works properly. If you do not find your braking system in place, you need to get it to fix or replaced as soon as possible.

Wheels and tires

Regularly ensure that there is no sign of wear and tear on the wheel bearings. Wheel lugs should be tightened according to the use of the owners’ manual. It is recommended to tighten the lugs after the first 10 hours of use on a new tractor and 50 hours of use after that.

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