Indian agriculture is based on the mechanization of farms and it was successfully done by the Tractor Industry of India. A tractor is defined as a machine that provides power for agricultural operations. Tractors are used to pull farm implements for a large number of tillage operations. And as per the requirement of Indian farmers, the tractor must be on a low budget with a good performance level. One of the modern pioneers of the Indian tractor industry- “Sonalika Tractors” offers a wide range of tractors as per the requirement of farmers of India.

Sonalika Tractors is one of the top tractor brands in the country.

With huge success levels, Sonalika Tractors has developed and launched the Sonalika Sikander Series Tractors with the goal to monumentally increase the productivity level of farmers, while ensuring reduced recurring operational cost to guarantee maximum value proposition to the farming community of South India.

Sonalika Sikander series models are equipped with powerful HDM engines to provide more power, more speed with less amount of fuel usage. As per its name, this series tractor is known as ‘emperor of the fields’. Some Sikander series tractors are mentioned below in detail

The “Sonalika DI 35 SIKANDER”

This 39 HP tractor is completely equipped with the latest technology and a powerful HDM engine along with “4 stroke DI, water-cooled diesel engine” which makes it work with heavy agricultural implements and heavy haulage operations. The maximum 167 Nm torque is useful for zero RPM drop on heavy application tasks and the constant-mesh gearbox and dual-clutch gives the best transmission performance to this tractor model. Mechanical and Power steering both types are present in this tractor model, farmers can select according to their need. The 1800 kg lifting capacity helps to operate in heavy-duty load with ease and easy lifting of the trolley with company fitted trolley pressure pipe makes this tractor a leader. This is the best model for Indian farmers for agriculture and commercial purposes.

The “Sonalika RX 35 SIKANDER” 

The “RX 35 Sikander” is also a great tractor in that 39 HP range and it’s very stylish also. This model is fully equipped with an HDM 3-cylinder engine which makes this tractor very powerful. And the 4 stroke diesel engine provides 2780 cc engine power to operate in heavy-duty load. It’s “hydraulic lifting capacity” is 1800 kg and fingertip control of hydraulic helps to work with an even depth level. The maximum backup torque and maximum speed prove this tractor as the best for any kind of agricultural tasks. It’s low maintenance and easy availability of spare parts make it affordable to the farmer’s community. Look wise this is the best tractor for modern Indian Agriculture operational tasks.

The “Sonalika DI 42 SIKANDER” 

The “Sonalika DI 42 Sikander” is the most efficient tractor model in the 42 HP category and this 2WD tractor model is amazing in performance as compared to Swaraj 843 XM tractor, which also falls in the 42 HP section. It’s has an efficient diesel operated engine system which gives an engine power of 2891 Cubic capacity, so that it can work without any interruption for a long duration and with the 42 HP engine power and 1800 rated RPM, this tractor model gives a 197 Nm torque, which makes it best in traction performance related tasks. It’s “hydraulic system” is well equipped for this model along with power steering and 1800 hydraulic lifting capacity, which is impressive. The big size Rotavators are easily operable with this tractor.

The “Sonalika RX 42 SIKANDER”

Like the aforementioned tractor, “RX 42 Sikander” also comes with 42 HP category and it’s powerful HDM engine provides 2891 CC engine power and 197 Nm torque level.

This tractor model is designed with modern style and it’s huge 55 litres capacity fuel tank reduces the number of refueling times. A large platform makes this tractor usable for any kind of task. It’s a bigger radiator with an overflow reservoir increases the performance level of the tractor. And the digital instrument cluster assists in better driving at night. This tractor is best for transportation along with its 34.94 km/hr maximum speed and it is the perfect tractor for Indian small farmers due to its low maintenance.

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