In the year 1969, the Sonalika Group had come a long way to achieve new levels of success. Over the years, it has diversified into several new businesses to meet the present market and customer demands. Today the group stands among one of the top three manufacturers of the tractor and also among one of the top equipment manufacturers in the country. The company has a diverse product channel line which includes tractors, multistability vehicles, engines, farm machinery attachments, diesel gen-sets etc. Sonalika Industries is the pioneer in a wide array of agricultural solutions manufacturers for the purpose of agricultural implementations.


Sonalika Sikander Tractors are developed to enhance the agricultural efficiency of tractors through the use of high-tech solutions for farmers. Sonalika has a strong presence in the market segment.

Sonalika Sikander Tractors  are well-positioned to assist the farmer community by leading and growing markets for farm implementation purposes.

Sonalika has launched several types of tractors in the Indian agricultural market, for example- Sikander series tractors, Tiger series tractors, Mileage Master series tractors, etc. Sonalika Tractors, which has built a tractor manufacturing plant in the city, known by the name of “Hoshiarpur”, has launched its newest and most advanced tractor series, ‘SIKANDER’ in Chennai and this Sonalika Sikander Tractor Series starts it’s range from the 35 – 90 HP.

 50-60 HP range Sikander series tractors have been described below in a detailed manner.


The “Sonalika RX 745 III SIKANDER”

It a 50 HP high tech tractor variant model that is equipped with four strokes, DI, water-cooled diesel engines and this three-cylinder engine provides 3067 cc-power to this tractor model, which is impressive. This variant model belongs to the 2WD category and more power help a lot in heavy agricultural and haulage purposes. The availability of a consistent “mesh transmission” system makes it more and more effective. 205 Nm torque for 50 hp and 1900 rated RPM make this tractor excellent in the traction force segment. This diesel saving tractor model lowers the fuel costs. This tractor comes with the best speed combination, which increases productivity to a great level. Single and double-clutch both options are available in this tractor model and the mechanical and power steering both options provide a chance to choose the right one according to the need of the farmer. 1800 kg lifting capacity is the highest lifting capacity in the 50 HP range category. This is the best tractor for the marginal farmer community. 

The “Sonalika DI 745 III Sikander”

This is the best tractor in the 50 HP category and the “HDM engine” makes this tractor more and more powerful than the ordinary engines in the market. 3067 cc engine power is provided by 3-cylinder, 4 Stroke, Direct Injection, Water Cooled, Diesel Engine, and like the above model, this tractor also has a constant mesh transmission system available. Both dry disc brakes and oil-immersed brakes options are available in this model and this tractor also gives the most optimum hydraulic lifting capacity, which assists in work with heavy-duty loads. The backup torque is also gear for this tractor, which makes this tractor work in a more productive manner. Both power and mechanical steering options are available in this model which allows the farmers to do their work with comfort and efficiency. Because of that high torque, any farm implements becomes easily operable with this tractor model.

The “Sonalika DI 750 III RX”

This tractor comes equipped with a four-cylinder engine, which makes it powerful. It is the best tractor model for Indian farmers in a “55 HP range” and this tractor is generally suitable for every tillage and industrial purpose. This tractor provides 210 Nm torque with 2000 rated RPM, which makes it highly efficient in zero RPM drop on heavy application purposes. The “High tech HS – HT gearbox” is available in this model and this model is also India’s first 24-speed gear options category. The virtual dashboard assists in better driving at night time. The 2000 kg lifting capacity assists in heavy-duty load tasks.

Mechanical and power steering both options make this tractor perfect for any type of fieldwork. Mechanical steering assists in operations at elevated land with more and more safety, but power steering provides a perfect comfort zone to the operator of the tractor. 

The “Sonalika DI 750 III”

More diesel saving tractor increases farmers’ income. This tractor is equipped with the latest technology. The “Tail lamps” help the operator in the night time. The Exso sensing hydraulics which can be operated by finger touch and larger fuel tank helps in long-lasting operations without any problems. The company has also fitted DVC in this tractor for the purpose of smooth lifting operations of trolley, which helps in haulage work purposes. This tractor model is equipped with an HDM engine which means a big engine with a high torque level. This is the best model in the 55 HP range of “Sonalika Sikander Tractors” series.

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