Sonalika Gardentrac Tractors are specially designed for gardening purposes, and they have proven to be very efficient in farming operations.

Horticulture is a specific branch of agriculture which pertains to the study of plants, mainly for food, materials, comfort, and decoration purposes. The main horticultural crops are known as “fruit crops” and they are always appearing with a big canopy size and several types of cropping patterns. In some cases, there is a chance for intercropping cultivation in the horticultural crop field also. During that tillage operation takes place in the fruit crop field and specific types of farm machinery are required for the same purpose. Mini tractors play a central role in tillage operations and also in the plant protection operations in the fruit crop field. 

Mini tractors are best for fruit crops because of their compact size and short turning radius. Mostly mini tractors are utilized for plant protection operations in most horticultural fields. Various types of sprayers can be easily operated with mini tractors in big canopy plant fields like mangoes.  Now we are going to talk about “Sonalika mini-series tractors”. All models in the Gardentrac series have been designed and developed with new technology, stylish look, perfect compact size, and enhanced functioning. 

The “Sonalika GT 20 4WD”

Sonalika GT 20 4WD tractor is the lowest hp tractor model among this Gardentrac series of tractors. This 20 HP tractor comes equipped with a 3-cylinder powerful engine and an “oil Bath pre-air cleaner” which helps to supply clean air to the engine for generation of more power.

The 2700 rated rpm greatly affects this tractor’s torque. Sliding mesh transmission type is provided with a 6+2 gearbox which assists in shifting gears in a smooth manner. Economic PTO option is also available in this tractor model which makes it fuel saver, less vibrate, and even lesser noisy.

The 650 kg hydraulic lifting capacity makes it capable for all tillage operations with rotavator, plough, and other types of farm implements. This 4WD tractor model is also easily operable in the muddy field. The fuel tank provided in this model comes with a 31.5 lit capacity. A wider space is present in the tractor, which helps in easy entry-exit and comfortable driving.

Sonalika GT 22 4WD –

This 24 HP category tractor model comes equipped with a 3-cylinder engine with 3050 rated RPM. This type of cool tech engine assists in a great performance during a long field operation. The wider platform helps in smooth driving. Various “Multi-Speed PTO” options are available in this tractor which helps in various tasks like ploughing. The “Oil-immersed brakes” available in this tractor helps in high reliability, low cost of maintenance, and this brake has a great long life duration. Narrow track width helps to access all types of orchards and row crops like sugarcane & cotton. This 4WD model gives better traction also in the muddy field. This is among one of the best Sonalika Gardentrac Tractors, for working on orchard crops.

The “Sonalika GT 26 4WD”– 

Sonalika GT 26 4WD is the highest HP tractor model in the Sonalika Gardentrac Tractors series and this 26 HP tractor model comes equipped with a 3-cylinder engine and dry type air cleaner along with a clogging sensor. The air cleaner gives pre-warn of clogging status which helps in maintaining the tractor’s performance in a better manner. The sliding mesh transmission helps in the shifting gears easily.

The “Multispeed PTO option” is available in this model so farmers can smoothly operate rotavator and different types of the plough, a cultivator along with this tractor. Power steering is available in this tractor helps in that of long field operations along with a great amount of comfort. 850 kg hydraulic lifting capacity assists in any tillage operation with numerous farm implements. Narrow track width and low turning radius help in row crop patterns and this mode in the Sonalika Gardentrac Tractors series is perfect for gardening. 

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