Smart farming increases the efficiency in the agricultural sector and helps to produce more food grains with little time and manual energy.

India is commonly referred to as the land of agriculture. It is on second position in the world for the highest agricultural output. Agriculture is the main occupational sector in India. More than half the people are dependent on the agricultural sector for their living.

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India produces 80% of it’s products, making it among the top 5 countries in the world to do so. India’s agricultural products are exported around the world, making it the seventh most exporting country.

Even after such a great response in the agricultural sector, it is disheartening to know that an average Indian farmer earns Rs. 7000 per month.

Adding more to the misery is the fact that the increased human population calls for increase food. Farmers now have to double of what they have been producing since the last decade.

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What Is Smart Farming?

Traditional farming methods are not going to help us achieve the required food. Hence, smart farming techniques should be considered.

Using innovative farming techniques like “Smart Farming Equipment, Smart Tractors, etc.” is called smart farming or precision farming.

In a country like India, where agriculture is the main source of income for more than half of the population, the use of smart farming equipment and smart tractors should be done to increase the total produced food.

But this can’t happen owing to the following important reasons:

  1. Most of the Indian farmers are still unknown to smart farming techniques.
  2. They lack the amount of money required for purchasing smart farming equipment.

A solution to this can be to make them aware of the various subsidiaries provided by the Indian government to help farmers like “tractor subsidy, kisaan yojana, etc.”

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Ways to Improve Agricultural Efficiency

Earlier, to till and plow the land, farmers used an ox or another animal. Now, mechanized farming tools should be used to ease the production of food grains.

Nowadays, to improve our ways of farming using modern-day equipment, we need to also look at all the modifications done in the technological sector.

Machines and Equipment That Can Be used For Modern Framing

  • Tractors

It is the most commonly used agricultural equipment. It is a machine which is required by the farmers to perform various heavy and difficult farming operations with ease. They are differentiated based on their sizes and engine power. Farmers can use the one which suits their type. They can be equipped with a wide variety of tractor equipment to increase it’s efficiency.

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  • Backhoe

Farmers who have to dig the land can use a backhoe for the same purpose. They can also be attached to a tractor as a hydraulic implement to make it more efficient. They are also used for transplanting, landscaping, and for the removal of large-sized rocks.

  • Cultivator

It works in two patterns, for aeration of the soil before seeds are sown and for removal of weeds after the crop has grown. A cultivator can also be attached to tractor to be used as a tractor implement.

  • Seed Drills

When sown manually, seeding can be a tough and hectic job hence, to rescue the farmers from the same, seed drills were invented. They come in two forms- no till seed drill and additional seed drill. No till seed drill doesn’t require the farmer to do the tilling. It cuts the residue crop with it’s Colter blades. The traditional see drill needs tilling before placing the seeds in the farm.

  • Broadcaster Seeder

They are used to sow seeds. They come in different sizes. Farmer buys the most suitable one depending on the size of their farm. In a small farm, a land seeder is used whereas, in a large farm, an industrial seeder is used. They can also be attached to a tractor and be used as a tractor implement.

  • Sprinklers

Proper irrigation is required for optimum results. But watering farms can be a tough job especially when the farm size is large. Hence, the invention of sprinklers was a huge hit among the farmers. There are four types of sprinklers” Solid Set Sprinklers, And Move Sprinklers, Mechanical Move Sprinklers and Hose Reel Sprinklers.”

  • Combine Harvester

It is used to harvest crops. It performs all types of harvesting portions like” Threshing, Reaping And Winnowing.” it can be used to harvest different crops like “Wheat, Barley, Corn, etc.”

  • Rotatory Tiller

It is used to work the soil properly using rotating blades. It can also be used as a tractor attachment.

The leap to smart framing in India is done using these smart farming equipments. They will help the farmers to increase their earning and decrease their manual jobs. And can further help in yielding more crops.

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