Till now, purchasing a tractor is still out of bounds for many small scale and medium scale farmers in India.

Looking at the modernization happening in the agricultural sector these days, tractors have become a necessity for the farmers.

Tractors are a very versatile form of farming equipment that helps farmers in performing different farming tasks. The tasks include “Landscaping, Clearing Bushes, Evenly Spreading Fertilizers, Ploughing, Planting, Harvesting, Cultivating, Etc.“

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The ratio of small scale to medium scale farmers is higher than that of large scale farmers. These farmers might not be able to afford tractors or even the attachments which are to be used with the tractor, because of their low earning capacity.

Purchasing a tractor can be like a dream come true for these farmers.

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Following are some of the points that can help in purchasing a tractor to farmers with budget constraints:

1.Available Banking Options And Schemes

There are a number of banking options and schemes available to the farmers. Farmers willing to get financial help by these banking options and schemes can apply for it by filling a form. After the form is filled, they need to submit the documents required. The banking options may not be available to all the farmers as banks have certain eligibility criteria. Farmers applying for banking options need to see whether they fulfil the criteria or not, and then only should they apply.

2.Apply For Finance

After finalising the suitable schemes or a suitable option, farmers can then apply for the finance by filling the form and submitting various required documents along with the form. Farmers can visit various banks, finance companies and look at their finance options and loan requirements. They can then visit the finance consultant (free of cost) and know about the schemes and options.

3.Host An Official’s Visit For Primary Investigation

The finance process is initiated by the bank. After the bank has checked all the information related to eligibility criteria and is satisfied with it, then the loan is approved. Bank checks the eligibility criteria by looking at the following factors:

  • Value of property owned.
  • Living standard
  • Personal behaviour
  • Interpersonal behaviour
  • Social reputation
  • Economic status

4.Final formalities

At this step, the farmer is very close to buying the tractor from the best tractor dealers in his area. He just needs to sign the agreement and other declarations related to the option of repayment and loans. After all the formalities are done, the bank checks the CIBIL score and asks the farmers to submit the required bank details.

5.Final Call From Credit Department

After all the final formalities are done, the farmer gets a call from the bank. On this call, the bank verifies all the documents submitted by the farmer. Then the bank takes assurance from the farmers that the finance is taken at will.

6.Finance Amount Handed To The Farmer

After all the requirements are met and the documents have been submitted and verified, then finally the tractor finance amount is given to the farmers.


By leveraging the above-mentioned steps, many farmers can fulfil their dream of buying a tractor.

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