When a person thinks about the tractor in his mind, the thoughts of implements like Rotavator, straw reaper, tractor cultivator, mulcher, tractor shredder, and threshers, come to mind. And most of the implements need an external power source, so for this purpose tractors are provided with the option of PTO (power take-off) also known as PTO safety. These days tractors come with a lot of PTO features which assists farmers to drive modern implements as per their requirements.

India has different soil conditions for each topographic area and so for this, we need implements of varying types, sizes, and power.

As most of the tractors are loaded with a PTO speed of 540 rpm, but nowadays, tractors are loaded with varying types of PTO speed options, and this option helps a lot to farmers, who operate different implements with less fuel. This leads to a need for PTO safety. You will get several options in the transmission system for PTO but it all depends on which tractor variant you select. This variant will help you select the required PTO Safety.

The “PTO Transmission” factor

PTO Shaft is directly connected to the tractor’s transmission system and so an engaging clutch is needed to operate it. The different options in the clutch have been mentioned below:-

The “Normal Clutch”

In the case of a normal clutch, the PTO shaft will operate only when the clutch is operating at full capacity. In the old models, you will get this type of clutch, but there are disadvantages to this type of transmission system.

The “Live Clutch”

A live clutch comes with more and more benefits than a normal clutch, as you can operate the main transmission and PTO with the same clutch and when you press the half clutch, only the main transmission system disengages and PTO will work like before, but when you press full clutch PTO, will also stop working. It is beneficial in many tasks.

The “Independent clutch”

The “independent clutch” is the latest technology that has many advantages, as you will get the dual-clutch and the independent PTO lever to operate the PTO operation which allows farmers to operate two types of transmission independently. The risks of accidents are very low in this system as operations are not joined. But maintenance of these clutch plates will be expensive.

Different types of implements should be operating at varying speeds for enhanced results and more fuel efficiency. A lot of tractor manufacturers provide multiple speed options in most of the tractors,

  • PTO speeds and their applications:-
  • 540 RPM:- A standard tractor PTO speeds are also functioning as tractor engine speed and vary according to model, but PTO operated agriculture machinery is developed and designed to function at a PTO speed of  540 “Revolutions Per Minute”.

A large number of the implements need 540 RPM to get the required torque to meet their working efficiency levels.

  • The “540E”:- Some of the agriculture machines need very low power (standard 540 rpm, providing 540 rpm with high power to these machines is a waste of energy and fuel levels).

To address this issue, the tractor producers have developed transmission systems that produce 540 rpm PTO speed at a low speed of the engine flywheel.

  • Multispeed PTO:- If the farmers are utilizing generator sets or pump sets on tractor PTO then the Multispeed power take-off is the best option to reserve fuel. Multispeed PTO operated according to the gear speed so that it allows you to keep the rpm less as needed and this gives the required power to the attached implements as well saves power, which directly leads to diesel savings.

PTO safety operations include many hazards because of the usage of heavy Tractor implements, rotating shafts, etc. Usually the “PTO shafts” do rotate at 540 RPM, which is 9 times per second and sometimes overconfidence of the operator becomes the reason for the accidents. And so even if you have operated PTO a lot of times it is a must to take precautions while operating.

Here are some useful tips for safely performing PTO operations.

  1. Make sure that you do not wear loose clothing around PTO driven equipment.
  2. Make sure to adjust the drawbar according to implementation to avoid the stress of driveline.
  3. Always use a driveline shield while operating because it restricts mud and debris from causing any damage to implement and also provides safety.
  4. Do not try to climb on implement when the implement is in operational mode.
  5. Do not take sharp turns while operating the PTO, as it may cause problems to the shaft of your PTO.
  6. Never operate a PC and DC levers from the tractor’s backside.
  7. Make sure to always shut off PTO before parking the tractor, so that any accident does not happen when you start the engine system.
  8. The “PTO shaft” should be grassed on time to avoid any kind of breakdown.

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