A new tractor will result in an increased level of efficiency in the field and more amount of yield will be generated by the farmer.

Tractors are playing a significant part in the green revolution but to maintain a high rate of agricultural production, “high productivity” is the only solution. As around seventy percent of Indian farmers are marginal farmers and so a farmer must choose a tractor according to his budget. Achieving 100% mechanization in Indian agriculture is the ultimate goal.

1. Tips to consider while buying a new tractor:-

  • What type of “Tractor” is it?

Make sure to choose a tractor by assessing your needs, the cropping system and it’s pattern. The compact tractor can be preferable if you have any orchards, otherwise, it is recommended to buy the high horsepower model.

  • How much “Horsepower” does it have? 

If your soil is hard then go with tractors which have more than 45 horsepower but understand that higher HP model will use more fuel also maintenance cost will be high in comparison to compact tractors.

  • What type of work does it do?

By taking into consideration, the type of machine you want, you will choose the perfect model and variant of a new tractor.

  • The “Rotavator” factor

And if you spend more time in the field with rotavator then it is recommended to buy the “multi-speed PTO tractor”.

  • The “Threshing” factor

If you will be utilizing “Thresher” and “straw reaper” with your new tractor, you will find reverse speed the PTO option very beneficial.

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  • The “Haulage” factor

For haulage tasks, you should buy a model with a rear tire of 16.9*28 as it will be useful in haulage activity, but only if your tractor has a company fitted dual spool valve, which is required for efficient work.

  • The “PTO Work” factor

If you are utilizing a tractor for pump sets it will be useful to buy a model that has an economy PTO alternative. Most of the John Deere tractors do not offer economy and reverse PTO in the same Model and so you will have to choose between them.

  • The “Heavy Work” factor

And tasks like loading and dozing require precision hydraulics and more engine Power capacity, so tractors above 55 HP will give you strong results.

  • The “4 Wheel Drive” actor

Operations like puddling, spraying, heavy haulage, the loader will become easy with a 4wheel drive alternative.

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2. Do Consider Finance Options 

Purchasing a new tractor needs a lot of initial investment so make sure to look out for the available finance options. And also comparing interest rates can save your money. You can also get finance from nationalized banks as well as private finance companies, which solely exist for this purpose only.

3. Do “Get information” about all brands

After deciding the HP section, you can contact various dealers near you and ask them for tractor demos.

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4. The “Service and spare parts” factor

All machines need maintenance after a predetermined period. A Breakdown tractor in season will cost you more so that the availability of spare parts in the nearby area is a very important factor.

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