As per, IMF’s World Economic Outlook Database, the Indian economy has secured the fifth rank all over the world, and in the development of the Indian economy, agriculture has contributed 17 -18 % to the GDP and has employed more than fifty percent of the present workforce. And as per times, the demand for Indian agriculturefarm mechanization is increasing. The tractor plays a key role in the Indian agriculture sector. And according to our marginal farmers, a tractor should be in the budget range, must be cost-effective, light-weight to lower soil compaction issues, and suitable for any kind of farming tasks. In India there many Tractor manufacturers like – Mahindra Tractor, Escorts Tractor, Sonalika Tractor, Tafe Tractor, Solis Tractor, etc. but still the market leader since the previous thirty years is Mahindra. Because it Provides “Tractors” in nearly all the categories to the Indian agriculture sector. And after the huge success levels of “Mahindra Yuvo Tractor Series”, Mahindra has launched the most stylish, compact, and cost-effective “Mahindra JIVO Tractor Series” in the market

Why are Mahindra JIVO Tractors fit for the Indian Agriculture Sector?

The “Mahindra JIVO Tractors” are compact, but they possess great PTO HP in comparison to other high HP tractor models. And all types of tillage operations are possible with these new tractors. And the large Rotavators, plough, Harrows, are efficiently operable with the JIVO Tractor series. Because their Compact nature assists in the orchid crops/ low crop spacing farms and due to being lightweight, this tractor reduces soil compaction issues which generate because of a heavy machinery system.

More Details: Mahindra JIVO Tractor Series

This “Mahindra JIVO Tractors” are designed only for the Indian farmer and they provide a great profit amount because of low cost, high mileage, and increased power levels. This tractor series is available in “Below 40 HP category tractors” and there are four models present in this series. Here we are going to talk about all these models in detail.

The “Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 2WD”

The new 2WD tractor is designed for farmers, who want to buy a tractor in the below 20 HP section and this 20 HP tractor has an 18.4 PTO HP, which makes it very powerful and capable of doing all types of ploughing, pulling, and haulage operations very effectively. Also, a two Cylinder Mahindra engine and 1366 displacement cc provide more value to this model. And the best part of this tractor is the high lifting capacity and high Torque levels, which help to work in the heavy-duty load operations. It is one of the best models in Mahindra JIVO Tractors series.

The “Mahindra JIVO 225 DI 4WD”

It is the lowest HP 4WD tractor in this series and this model has 20 HP engine power and 18.4 PTO HP, which is impressive. And the 4WD feature makes this model use power to all the wheels, which increases the productivity level of the tractor and also increases the driving comfort. It is best in mileage terms and the low maintenance costs factor, makes this tractor more a good buying option. And with a sliding mesh gearbox, 8+4 gears, and oil-engulfed brakes, this model becomes strong in the transmission section.

The “Mahindra JIVO 245 DI 4WD”

This is a “24 HP Orchid Tractor” which comes with 22 PTO HP and narrow track width. Also, it’s short turning radius makes it operable in Orchid crop fields. And due to the high in PTO HP, this model is highly efficient in spraying with high-end mist sprayers. The automatic depth and draft control make this tractor suitable for all kinds of Cultivator, Plough, etc and it is extremely useful in intercultural operational tasks. So for better traction force, the 4WD feature is very useful to our farmers. This tractor brings the best performance with a high lifting capacity and also power steering.

The “Mahindra JIVO 365 DI 4WD”

This is among one of the best models in this series, as it is specially designed and developed for work in the clay soil of a paddy field. This tractor model is also equipped with the “Position – Auto control” technology, which gives great efficiency while Puddling in paddy fields, and with that technology, the puddling depth can be adjusted without adjustment in the PC lever section. This model also is known as the ‘Master of Puddling’ and it comes with a “36 engine HP and 30 PTO HP” and the lightweight build of this model results in less soil compaction levels and also makes it easily operable in wet and sticky soil fields.

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