This machine is compared to and developed based on a TLB (Tractor-Loader-Backhoe) which is also known as “JCB Tractor”. It is an agricultural tractor fitted which has a front loader and rear backhoe.

If one is loading, digging, back-filling, or trenching, then he can assess the extreme power, performance level, and stability of a tractor loader backhoe to get the work completed. Since it is built with the honorary JCB Tractor reliability, so they are completely dependable, versatile. You can attach and detach its parts, very quickly and simply.

Tractor Backhoe Loader (JCB Tractor)

JCB Tractors have a unique look. As they require components that protrude every way.

What are the uses of various attachments of a Tractor Backhoe Loader? 

A Tractor backhoe loader (JCB Tractor) is a remarkable piece of invention because it’s a build-up of three pieces of construction equipment which are then combined into a single component. A backhoe loader serves various functions such as “a tractor, a loader, a backhoe”.

Every part of the kit is suitable only for a particular type of work. At a normal construction site, the backhoe operator normally utilizes all three components to make sure that the work is done.


The loader is affixed at the forefront and the backhoe is attached on the backside. These two components have completely different roles regarding their functions. 

The loader can do numerous things. In a number of applications, you utilize it as a sort of a big, powerful dustpan. One always doesn’t dig with it. One can always use it to carry large amounts of loose material with a great amount of ease. It also can push dirt like it is done in the process of “Ploughing”. The main operator can control the loader when he is operating the tractor.


The backhoe is the chief and most important component of JCB. It has the ability to lift this material and drop it during a pile on the opening side.

So the backhoe is a giant, extremely powerful version of your arm It’s complete three segments are, “boom, stick, and bucket”.

This arrangement method is nearly identical to your arm. As the arm has three sections – hand, forearm, and upper arm and all three of them, move equivalently. During the process of a Bull backhoe Loader attachment, which makes a JCB Tractor, the boom is bent and turned upwards so that it can easily dig obstacles in the way. This design has also been able to provide an extra amount of space for the bucket when the operator curls it in with a full loan amount. As the design provides more circular space.

The backhoe can dig all kinds of holes but is particularly fitted to dig the ditches. To utilize the backhoe, the operator must park the tractor and switch the seat to the other side.

Why do the Tractor, Loader, and Backhoe (JCB Tractor) need each other?

The purpose of the tractor component is to move the opposite two components from place to put, and so the operator also navigates it while utilizing the loader part. The loader and backhoe components are a natural and necessary combination for the completion of all kinds of jobs. Once you obtain a large amount of dirt to form a ditch, you will require a loader to either move the dirt out or to fill the dirt back in as soon as you have the Cotton, Pipes, etc. in the correct position. The primary common application for a JCB Tractor is a basic job — digging a trench with the backhoe then back-filling it with the loader section. 

 Different parts of a JCB Tractor are used for different operations:

The front end Loader

Front-end loader can be seen as a tractor attachment which is more suitable for heavy-duty applications in Agriculture, Construction, and a number of other industrial sections. The loader is detachable. The loader primarily comes with application-specific over more than forty sorts of bucket options which are compatible with a total of 140 Tractors models.

Backhoe Loader & Dozer

Both the components are extremely viable for exploitation, excavation, digging, dozing, and demolition work. And both can work well on hard and soft soils. The machines have been time tested with 84 equipment compatible tractors and the results have been completely satisfactory.

The “v2 Sugarcane loader”

The Bull V2 Sugarcane loader is the best fit for the sugar industry as it can put/lift nearly 500- 900 kilograms in a single round. The estimated diesel consumption of the tractor can be a maximum of 4 liters per hour in the said application procedure.

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The Ultra loader”

The Bull ultra-loader can operate within the range of 500 – 850 kilograms and it’s a lift height of around 15 feet.

The HD Ultra sugarcane loader”

The ultra-sugarcane loader is the best option for sugar mills. As it grabs the sugarcane from the highest but no amount of soil is picked along with it. It has a lifting capacity of 1 ton, which is impressive.

The Telescopic Loader & Unloader

It is the best fit for loading and unloading biomass like Husk, Cotton, etc. up to 17.5 feet from the base ground level.

The Radial loader

It is a low-cost material handling machine, which is ideal for process industries. It’s lifting height is up to 20ft & has a total capacity of 500 Kgs”.


Dozer is a leveling blade that is mounted at the forefront of the tractor.

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We have two brand names under the banner of “Unique Auto Products Pvt. Ltd”. The former brand name is known as “Unique” and the latter brand name is known as “Geeken”. Under the brand name of “Geeken”, we provide all “JCB Tractor spare parts”.

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