India is an agrarian country and the future endeavors of the region began just after independence. But till today, many “Indian farmers” do not earn enough income with which they can support their family and many of them go through trauma and make tragic decisions. And all this is because neither proper value nor proper contribution is given to them by the country itself and it happens due to politics. Between the exporter and the importer, it is always the farmer who faces these obstacles and does not earn the amount of money, he deserves.

A Research by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India has put forward the fact that crop prices in India are low. And from a farmer’s point of view and risk reduction is the only necessary support from outside. An increase in farmer’s income depends largely on crop cultivation at a good level. If the current growth rate persists, it will take about 25 years to double the income they currently earn. Most “Indian farmers” do not possess the ownership of even 10 acres of land, as it becomes very a daunting task to calculate costs and benefits.

There are various ways by which “Indian farmers” can increase their present income amount, out of which the initial step will be to select the right farm. Education is very important for farmers and this is one of the main reasons for their losses over the years. Information on how to select the right field and how to take care of input material is very important. There is a dire need to educate farmers about the complete farming process and in what ways, they can increase their current income. And in this case, integrated pest management, which is the latest method adopted by farmers to increase their income, while keeping the safety of the environment in mind.

Availability of water is the core source of all problems and for this, availability is made through various ways such as “watershed development, large irrigation projects, exploitation of groundwater” and with groundwater collected over centuries and utilizing it without electricity with installed pumps can be a magnificent way of help.

In the preceding 3-4 years, data prices in India have become much lower than before. So taking advantage of that and teaching them virtually with online access to tutorials can assist a lot. This way many farmers can improve their knowledge of agriculture and farming. Farmers work day and night to provide food for us. So if they are made aware of the new and efficient techniques in agriculture, they will able to earn more income. 

Even today, farmers are primarily focusing more on activity per acre. The domestic agricultural market should be linked to the international market to increase a farmer’s income. We are all aware that there is a large scale production of agriculture in India and sellers buy it from farmers at a very low price and then export it to other countries and increase the price by 10 times. Therefore, farmers understanding the value of their products and guiding them about international marketing and export is also one of the more efficient methods to increase their income. If there is no middleman then the profit amount becomes double and they will be able to earn a good income. 

Another important factor to focus on is the financial literacy level of farmers. According to a latest survey, farmers are not even remotely aware of basic financial products and crop insurance products. It becomes necessary to well inform them about finances and insurance, as they suffer a lot due to rain or other natural disasters in a year which can be covered by the company.

Farmers as a community should also get together and form an association by sharing their knowledge and demanding better prices for their produce. For example, if a farmer has an acre of land that he is not using in a productive manner and another farmer has knowledge about how to increase productivity, then they can work together for some good products and sell them with a good amount of profits. Negotiations with buyers and sellers for better input and output prices will also have a great impact on their present income.

The Prime Minister has also announced to double a farmer’s income by 2022, which is only three years from now, and one of the major sources needed for this would be the development of technology. The government plays a key role in the agricultural industry and therefore policies and regulations have to be kept in mind that the farmer must be able to earn enough to survive and save. To increase the income of farmers, there must be an increase in the productivity level of crops, livestock, cost-savings. Nearly half of the population in India is chiefly dependent on farming for their livelihood and if they turn towards non-agricultural jobs then the country’s production will be severely affected. Assisting them with basic health and education facilities for their children and family can become a great initiative.

A good amount of income in the area will also encourage the current youth to adopt farming as a career and as a result, the production will also double. Research institutes should also combine farming innovations and traditional practices, so that people can learn and pick up the culture in an easy manner. The collaboration of technology, digital practices, and traditional methods can bring a lot of required change in the farming industry. We cannot change the past of our farmers but we can make a better future farming culture and assist present farmers to live a great life through farming.

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