Very soon we will be entering into the winter season, meaning chilly winds and foggy mornings. This means that the farmers have to get their farms prepared in order to get through the winters smoothly.

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Below are the points that can guide farmers to prepare for the winters:

Have an emergency plan

It can be very frustrating to be unprepared for the winter season and can also be a bit dangerous. Farmers should be prepared for any kind of scenario while preparing for the winter season. If you live in a higher altitude state, you need to take better precautions. It can also happen that in case of a winter storm, the farmer gets stuck inside his house even at that time the farmer be ready to face the scenario. Farmers are advised to discuss all these types of scenarios with fellow farmers and come up with precautions.

Furthermore, it is recommended to have an emergency winter kit ready with items including “clean water, food, a battery-powered radio, and a first aid box.” This kit will further help in winterizing your farm equipments and machineries.

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Daily maintenance of the tractor is mandatory. It is imperative for the farmers to check the tractor thoroughly in order to not hamper it’s working.

If a farmer wants to boost the performance of their tractor, then they should check if any replacement is required of any part. In case of replacement, the farmer should get the best spare part from a trusted tractor spare supplier to boost the performance. A farmer should not overlook the damaged part or wait to get it replaced, he should immediately check for the spare part options available. He should look for reliable suppliers to supply him with required spare parts in order to get the optimum performance in winter.

Winterize your vehicle

Farmers are advised to daily check various system of the tractor such as “battery, lights, wipers, brakes, tires, fluid levels, etc.” Daily checking the tractor and it’s part can make the difference when a farmer is out on the road in the winter season. All farmers should be vigilant when driving in the winter season. They should be aware of the road conditions of the following day in advance. In case of a hailstorm or snow, a farmer should try not to use the tractor due to elusiveness on roads. If by chance a farmer has to drive the tractor, he should do so with full precautions.

Although driving during snow, hailstorm or heavy winter storm can affect the working conditions of the tractor and at the same time can be extremely difficult and fatal for the farmers too. Hence, they are advised to exercise precautions.

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Prepare your property

If a farmer lives in a place with heavy snowfall, then he might be aware of the fact that once the heavy snow sets in, it can be very difficult to address some parts of the property. So, it is advisable to address them sooner than later. Any debris around their farm or obscuring their property should be thrown away or should be moved to an unoccupied location. Farmers also need to look for debris obscured by the snow in a high traffic area. In that case, they should call the government authorities to withdraw any serious accident.

Snowplough stakes can be placed on the perimeter of any driveways or parking area in order to ensure optimum safety and recovery of damaged structure or road.

Varieties and fertilisation

Choose to fertilize the crops with fertilizers that are cold-tolerant to make the difference. All fertilizers have nitrogen in them. And nitrogen is used to soften the crops but due to cold, they can get damaged easily.

Crops need adequate nitrogen for higher yields but a farmer should make sure to not overdo it. This can make the crop soft and vulnerable to cold.

That’s why farmers are advised to use fewer nitrogen fertilizers in winter to protect the crops.

Irrigation in the winter season

A big difference can be made just by using the correct method which a farmer employs for irrigation during the winter season. Irrigating the crops in the winter season with the help of sprinklers can easily drop the temperature by several degrees.

This can make the crops sternly damaged. Hence, the farmers should make sure to never use a sprinkler to irrigate the crops in the winter season.

Also, at the same time, a farmer should take care not to over dry the crops too. If the crop suffers from water stress at the time of the winter season, the damage can be even worse.

Farmers should irrigate the crop through a drip system to protect it against the cold. Irrigation through the drip system does not show this cooling problem since the water is dropped at a precise speed and time.

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Feed the livestock wisely

During the winter season, animals have to keep their body temperature warm. This can be done by feeding them more in the winter season. Farmers should know that prices of hay and grain rise in the winter season. So, they should stock it before the winter season.

Farmers should not worry about the health of their livestock during harsh winter. As long as they feed the livestock properly, they would be able to survive the winter season. Farmers are advised to develop an backup plan so that they know where to get the supplies in case of emergency.

Check the water supply

It is very essential to check all the water pipes during the winter season. This is done in order to protect the pips from getting blocked. Farmers should make sure that the pipes are not dripping because those trickles of water can freeze and block the pipe.

As a preventive measure, farmers can install frost-free faucets and tank heaters. Farmers should double-check that no slab of ice should block the water tank which is to be used by the livestock.

Farmers should confirm in advance the adequacy of water storage so that they don’t have to face the problem of water supply.     

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