With increase farm mechanization and the introduction of rapid technology, Indian agriculture has undergone a rapid transmission. Even after all the changes slowly coming into the agricultural sector, we still have to go a considerable way in achieving food security through farm mechanization. The food council of Indian agriculture reports that only 40-45% of the Indian farms have been mechanized. Comparing this to the mechanization percentage of other countries such as – 95% in the USA, 90%in Australia, 99%in Japan, 75% in Brazil and so on.

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To keep up in the global food production stakes and meet the growing demands of the population, India needs to penetrate deeper into mechanized farming.

Mechanized farming has been made possible for the farmers by providing government incentives, environmentally sustainable policies, and by increasing the manufacture of farm machinery and equipments in India.

With increase mechanization, only a few workers would be needed to complete a large amount of work. This can further lead to an improvement in farming efficiency, cutting down on the harvest and post-harvest losses, and help in the production of a high and better quality of crop yield. Farming mechanization and technology can also help with sustainable farming practices.

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 Farm Mechanization In India And Other Countries

To suit specific regional conditions and requirements, farm mechanization in India must be adapted and adjusted properly. Mechanization in farming should be connected to broader agricultural policies and the social and cultural framework of the Indian farming community. Bangladesh and Sri Lanka have already demonstrated positive results after applying such agricultural policies.

Apart from a few large farms in some parts of Punjab, Haryana and Maharashtra, the average land sizes of Indian farm are only around five to seven acres of land. So, using large farm machinery is impractical.

A majority of the small farmers, who have been provided with these farms by the government cannot afford to buy such costly machinery and equipments. These farmers come from economically impoverished backgrounds and cannot afford the buying and maintenance cost of such large machinery.

The Indian government does offer 20-25% subsidies for buying such mechanized machinery and equipments. Many small scale farmers would still not apply for loans to buy these machines and equipments. Most of them are likely to be found not eligible for taking the loans since they won’t be able to provide any collaterals.

A possible solution for this can be the use of small and less expensive manufactured machinery and equipments which can be a suitable replacement for these mechanized machinery and equipments. These small farmers can also form co-operatives to buy machinery and equipment. They can share it among themselves and be able to enjoy better yielding of the seeds. R&D Centres and Indian manufacturers are being encouraged to come with innovative technological inventions to replace such heavy and expensive machinery and equipments and help the small scale farmers.

Indian Farm Technologies

Irrigation in India is dependent on monsoon to a great extent. To reduce the dependence of irrigation largely on monsoon, new irrigation technologies can be used like “Drip Irrigation System And Rainwater Harvesting.” Although these aren’t new technologies but the modern version of these can be more beneficial.

Along with changes in the irrigation field, Indian farmers have now been introduced with machinery and equipments such as “Balers, Tractors, Harvesters, Etc.” With the help provided by the Indian government, even small and medium farmers have been able to enjoy these machinery and equipments.

Sustainable Farming

The use of resources and barren land to fulfill the food requirements of the total population without compromising with the resources and land available for the future generation is called sustainable farming.

Indian farmers have been practicing sustainable farming for quite a long time now.

The Jaintia farmers in Meghalaya and the Adi farmers in Arunachal Pradesh have been using the long bamboos to build a water channel to provide rainwater directly from the rooftops. They have been practicing sustainable irrigation for decades now.

Agriculture in India has been done in a sustainable way since the beginning of it. The traditional agricultural practices, all have been done in a sustainable and eco-friendly way.

The amalgamation of mechanized machinery with sustainable farming will lead to the best possible farming experience in India.

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