From tractor to backhoes, learn about some of the farm equipments and machinery that might be a good investment for your farm.

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Take a look at the following farm equipuments and see yourself how they can smooth your farming experience.


Tractors are the broadest category of agricultural machinery in farming. Choosing the right brand of tractor along with choosing the most appropriate tractor for you can be a hard job. Farmers with good knowledge of both will find it as easy as choosing the right seeds but for some, it might be a difficult decision.

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Combine or harvester

Grain farmers know that they need a combine (or harvester) for their crop. Even if you have just an acre of grain crop, you will find a combine to be the most efficient means of getting it out of the field.


There are three types of hay balers “Round Balers, Square Balers, And Large Square Balers.”

  • Round Balers: They pick up hay from the field and roll into round balls. Afterwards, they wraps it with netting or twine.
  • Square Balers: They are available in various sizes. To the right square baler will depend on the size of your farm and how much acreage you are baling.
  • Large Square Farm Balers: They are specifically designed for large farms.


If you are making hay, rakes are the most necessary piece of equipment. Rakes can be of different types like “Wheel Rakes, Parallel Bar Rakes, Rotary Rakes And Belt Rakes.” They are pulled behind a tractor and each has it’s own advantages and disadvantages. The type of rake appropriate for you depends on the quality of the hay-cutting job, the moisture content of the hay and the equipment storage available to you.

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For a long time, transplanter was considered a tool for large farmers. With the coming of handheld transplanter along with tractor pulled-transplanter, the lives of small scale farmers are at ease.

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