Combine harvesters facilitates multiple tasks in the agricultural field such as harvesting, winnowing and threshing.

Many agricultural and framing machineries have contributed to industrial growth in the agricultural and farming sector. Harvester is one such machinery. It has led to an overall increase in production and efficiency of the farms. There have also been some further technological changes in the farming sector leading to an increase in farm modernization.  

For efficient results within an affordable budget, farmers look for machines with multi-tasking facilities.

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It is not only a cost-saving equipment but is also a time and labour-saving.

Harvesters are not only famous among big farm owners but also among small and medium farm owners. They are available for different field sizes.

Following are the benefits that good harvesting equipment ensures:

An uninterrupted timely harvest

All farmers, be it a small farmer or a large farmer, wants tremendous yield for their farms. They all want better output with minimum human efforts. Harvesters provide them with the least labour along with generating better yielding opportunities.

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Harvesters provide with uninterrupted yield. Harvesting done by a premium harvest at the most suitable time helps in providing a better farm experience, great output and decreased wastage of productivity and resources engaged in farms.

Maximum amounts of grain in the storage

Harvesting is one of the most duteous farming activities. A farmer has to be very precise in order to generate great output through the right harvesting technique. Even if the method, time, or farming equipment attached to the harvester is not suitable, it can lead to tarnishing of the farms.

A highly functional and efficient harvester can help to prevent any wastage or loss of grains.

Therefore, with an efficient harvester, a maximum amount of yielding can be achieved. This can help in increasing the storage capacity of grains which can be of great use in the time calamity and inflation.

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High-quality crop yield

When the crop is sent ahead for market value evaluation, quality of yield is one of the main concerns. At this stage, the farmers want to compensate the cost of farming by the sale.

The part of cost employed in the purchase and several operations of farming equipment gets covered with the money, that the farmers earn on the sale of his crops in the market.

The quality of the yield decides the price of the Sale. Better the quality, more the price. So, the most fruitful way to ensure a good quality yield depends on the harvester you use.

A good harvester used at the most productive time in an efficient way is the key to produce a good and large sum of yields.        

A cost-effective and trustworthy operation

There is huge cost incurred to do the heavy harvesting tasks. But with the appropriate size and type of agricultural farming equipment, the cost incurred in harvesting can be minimized. The cost-effectiveness of operation can only be affected by the choice of the harvester. Better choice harvester from a top brand can lead to cost minimization whereas the wrong choice can lead to cost maximation.

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Price maximisation can be due to the repair and maintenance cost of the harvester, spare parts replacement, etc.

Once the right choice is made, farmers can be benefitted from the harvest. They can reap the benefits of actual yield which consist of much fewer gaps as compared to the expected yields.


One should never compromise with the quality or the size of the harvester. Even if either of them is compromised, it can lead to costly operational costs and poor yielding capacity.

With the increase of technological advancement in the agricultural and farming sector, the harvester has been changed into a much efficient farming equipment i.e. combine harvester.

Investing in combine harvester is considered a great investment.

As the name suggests, combine harvesters include three separate harvesting operations “reaping, threshing and winnowing” into one single process.

A combine harvester has further proved to be a very useful agricultural machine which can harvest, winnow and thresh many crops including “rice, corn wheat, peas, sunflower, pulses, etc.”

This manner of harvesting crops helps to save operational cost, time and human labour. Hence, helps in bringing down work cost for farmers.

Small farmers are still not benefitted from this technological advancement. These advancements have considerably changed the lives of large farmers by increasing their yield. This has led to more profits for the large farmers and less for small farmers.

Small farmers have the least mechanization interaction, which makes harvesting a laborious and intensive activity.

To benefit small farmers with combine harvester, the government should provide appropriate monetary help to these farmers.

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