The correct selection of agricultural machinery equipments is a lot important for generating efficient products from the farms because then farmers can access all the machinery required for the agricultural purpose from the manufacturers or the distributors. Farming machines and equipment’s should be chosen in a manner such that they are compatible with all the farming requirements and it offers several benefits to the agriculturalists, by allowing them to save money on operational costs, generate more profit amount, and grow more crops with fewer efforts. The performance of all machines used in farms also depends on weather conditions and soil situations. So, for better results the following points should be considered while choosing the right kind of machinery for your farm:

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1. The “Land Holding” factor

The more the land is, the more large-scale agricultural machinery will be required for the timely completion of harvesting and planting operations. Also, one is able to acquire an additional unit of machines or tractors. For instance, in the case of 1HP engine tractor is ideal to use for every 2 hectares of land size.

2. The “Soil Type” factor:

By depending on the type of the soil, whether it is lighter or heavier, the type of agricultural machine can be chosen, such as for farms with light soil, a machine with higher ground clearance, and low weight is considered as the most viable option.

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3. The “Nearby Repair Facility Availability” factor:

And it is important to know which brand’s farm machinery dealer is currently available in the nearby areas.

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4. The “Brand and Model Name”

Assessing the agricultural machinery only by its outer appearance is never a good option and buying a farming machine from a reputed brand in the agriculture market is always a good decision.

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5. The “Machine Design” factor:

The machine’s design and all the technical facts should be kept in mind like the ease of adjustments, points of wear, vibrations, and noise produced by the machine.

6. The “Spare Parts Availability” factor:

Spare parts for the agricultural machinery or agricultural spare parts should be easily available.

7. Ease of Operation:

Make sure that the machinery you are thinking of buying should not require any kind of unnecessary labor and power to operate in the farms and modern tractors are the best answer for this kind of problem, as they are equipped with hydraulic lifts.

8. The “Long Working Hours” factor:

A machine’s adaptability level to a wide range of applications and long working hours is an important criterion to be considered.

9. The “Human Comfort” factor:

And an important thing to consider while choosing a piece of farm machinery is the comfort which the machine provides to the operator in terms of stability and adjustability. But there are some factors which affect the size of the agricultural machinery you wish to buy. They are:

1. The Labor Supply” Factor

The total landholding and the total number of acres that can be worked upon in a single day are entirely dependent on the capacity of the machine. So in the case of large farms either large capacity farm machines can be chosen and labour supply can be adjusted in intervals when working hours are long.

2. The “Tillage Practices” Factor

When the number of tillage practices is reduced then the amount of machine capacity required to complete field operations on time also gets reduced.

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