In today’s time, farming is largely dependent upon the agricultural machine which provides farming assistance in one way or another. These machineries also compliment the manual efforts of farmers.

Since the 1960s, the prominence of agricultural machine has been escalating day-by-day.

A Tractor is one of the biggest forms of assistance and it is used in almost all farming tasks in India. They are also the most dominant contributor to the Indian farm mechanization market.

According to a recent study, the Indian farm mechanization market was valued at $13 billion. Industry experts suggest that the Indian farm mechanization market might reach $18 billion by the year 2025. There have also been some suggestion by the agricultural researchers that the tractor manufacturing companies will have a huge role to play in the upshot of the market.

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Due to further changes in the farm mechanization market, many farmers are now investing in agricultural machine.

Investing in the right agricultural machine can be a tough job as a farmer needs to see if the machinery is appropriate for the type of farm he has.

There are a number of other factors which a farmer needs to see while investing in the right machinery. is one of the leading companies which deals in providing tractor spare parts.

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The following factors would navigate you towards a successful guide for buying the right agricultural machine:

1. Set clear expectations

Before buying any farm machinery or equipment, always ask yourself these two questions;

  • What kind of function do you want the farm equipment to perform?
  • Would the equipment you want to buy fulfil all the purposes you are expecting it to?

Always make your expectations clear to yourself. Whether you just want to buy a tractor or you want to buy an attachment too with it, always make sure that it will perform the task, you want it to perform.

If the machinery or the equipment fulfil the purpose, be sure to check all the characteristics it possesses. It may happen that you get the same productivity as compared to an imported machinery or equipment. This can save your cost and provide you with the same farm assistance.

What one should expect is that every company provides different types of machinery and equipment. You are required to choose wisely the type you want and from which company.

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2. Analyse the priority of the tasks for which you want to employ farming machinery and it’s related equipments

Whenever you have agriculture machinery or equipment which you are planning to buy, always ask yourself the purpose of buying it. After checking the purpose of the equipment or machinery, then check the priority of tasks that you wish to do with it.

If you wish to buy a tractor, then make sure that you check the comfortability, power, brakes, etc.

In case of a tractor, one might even want to buy implements that would be needed to attach along with the tractors in case your priority work is based on it.

3. Area for which you need a machinery

If a farmer has a small farming area, compact tractors and small combines will be great for the farm. In case a farmer has a large area, a fully organized tractor which will include all necessary implements and large combines, will be great for the farm.

4. Check your pockets and analyse how much can you willingly invest

It is always important to set a budget before investing in any agricultural machinery or equipment. After you have set a budget, look for the agricultural machinery or equipment in the same budget. The purchasing cost won’t be the final cost of agricultural machinery or equipment. For example, if a farmer is planning to buy a tractor, he should make sure to add maintenance cost and spare parts cost.

If the company, from which he has bought the tractor, also deals in the selling and buying of tractor spare parts, then he may also ask for the price list of the spare parts.

5. Find the best agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturers

There are a large number of agricultural machinery and equipment manufacturing companies in India. Many brands in the agricultural industry provide high-end machinery, feature-rich equipment, power-boosting equipment, etc. There are many brands which provide these features at a lower cost than other brands. A farmer should analyse all factors carefully and then choose the most appropriate machinery and equipment.

These points are to help you find the best agricultural machinery and equipment.

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