AC cabin tractors are only now gaining popularity with farmers. Agriculture in India amounts for approximately 18% of the total GDP and it plays an important role in the development of Indian economy. With a shortage of skilled manpower, it has become important to bring innovative technologies which can enhance productivity. The tractor industry in India is at the forefront of bringing affordable and innovative technologies to the doorstep of Indian farmers. Currently, tractors which are equipped with air-conditioned cabins are popular in Punjab, where tractor use is on average much higher due to large acres of land.

The top ten reasons to select an AC cabin Tractor:

  1. The Comfort of the operator in an AC cabin Tractor
    Air-conditioned tractors will keep the dust and sweat away and provides a cool and efficient work surrounding.  It will totally alter the way at which farmers see traditional farming.
  2. Increased productivity
    AC tractors have high power engines and heavy-duty aggregates which make them viable for farmers who also cultivate 100 acres of land. Large area cultivation is made very easy with AC tractors.
  3. A long number of hours in the field are possible because of an AC cabin Tractor
    Hours of working can be drastically increased with AC tractors in comparison to non-AC tractors. It is possible to work only for 6-8 hours with Non-AC tractors whereas AC tractors will allow a single operator to work for up to at least 12 hours per day.
  4. It Encourages Young Generation:
    Air-conditioned tractors encourage the young generation and make them keen towards a profession in farming. In recent years, interest has begun to fade among the younger generation for farming because it requires very hard labour and is not able to provide adequate returns.
  5. The Labour Shortage Issue:
    Labour shortage is the significant problems which have elevated in recent days due to the presence of other avenues of employment and urban migrations at a large scale.  AC tractors reduce the need for labour drastically and also attract the more efficient operators.
  6. Extra Income:
    It can be used for non-agricultural tasks as well. Apart from agriculture, tractors are utilized in sand mines, brick-making sites, road construction, etc. This keeps the tractor in occupation throughout the year and generates extra income for owners during the non-agricultural season.
  7. The “Extra Mileage” factor:
    Air-conditioned tractors have new updated features like enhanced fuel tank capacity, toggle hook, lock ring type wheel rim and new air tank which provides you extra mileage and more efficiency of work.
  8. More Production:
    AC tractors will check the wages rates and input cost of farming and thus monumentally increase the production in the farming sector.
  9. Ability to overcome Harsh Conditions:
    A major threat for farmers is to work in severe conditions such as rain, dust and heat.  AC tractors help to overcome these harsh conditions and increase operator productivity and safety to a great level.
  10. 10. AC cabin Tractor has Essential accessories:
    AC tractors contain all the necessary accessories like three-point linkage, PTO and hydraulic controls and are convenient and very easy to handle. Some AC tractors even are equipped with radio entertainment music system.

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